'Rookie' Star Eric Winter Shows His Wife Support After Heartbreaking 'Fantasy Island' News

'the rookie' cast member eric winter with his wife rosalyn sanchez from 'fantasy island'
'Rookie' Star Eric Winter Shows His Wife SupportVivien Killilea - Getty Images

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Followers of The Rookie star Eric Winter know he loves to celebrate his wife Roselyn Sánchez and their two children, daughter Sebella and son Dylan. Most recently, he took the time to stand by his wife while also commemorating a heartfelt occasion.

On May 9, Fox announced that Roselyn's TV show Fantasy Island was canceled after two seasons. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the network axed the reboot of the 1970s series due to it not gaining a similar traction like other hit series on their lineup. The outlet noted that despite the cancellation, the network was "very pleased with Fantasy Island’s fun and escapist creative" premise.

While Roselyn hasn't spoken out about the news, Eric didn't pass up on the chance to show his support for her. "Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing moms our there and a special shoutout to these two rocks in my life!" he captioned photos of Roselyn, his mother Gwen and their kids on Instagram. "You two are everything. ❤️ We would all be nothing without our moms."

When fans saw Eric pay a sentimental tribute to Roselyn on social media, their heartstrings were pulled. As a result, they commented on how much they loved seeing them together for the celebratory day.

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'The Rookie'

"Absolutely precious ❤️❤️," one person wrote on Instagram. "Such a beautiful family 😍," a different user added. "So sweet ❤️," another follower agreed.

Now, this wasn't the only time the Witches of East End actor has shared his love for his wife of 14 years. When the couple marked Valentine's Day a few months ago, he expressed on Instagram how he'll forever have her back no matter what.

"My ❤️❤️❤️ always," he wrote on February 14 along with the hashtag "I got you." Roselyn responded with her own note, writing, "Love this!!! I got you too chu! Te amo so much."

On the bright side, with Roselyn's schedule now open, maybe folks will see her on The Rookie season 6. As viewers may remember, she made a guest appearance back in season 2 and it might be time to give her a full-time role ...

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