Ronzoni Pastina Is Going For $25 On Amazon After Being Discontinued, So Get Yours Now!

ronzoni pastina
Ronzoni Pastina Now Selling For $25 A BoxRonzoni

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It's only been two weeks since it was announced that Ronzoni Pastina would be discontinued, and we've already found ourselves in a star-shaped pasta tizzy.

With so many people eager to get their hands on the remaining pasta stars, websites like Amazon and eBay are reselling the pasta for upwards of $24.99 for just one box. To refresh your memory, Ronzoni Pastina typically sold for less than two bucks per 12-ounce box.

In addition to consumers eager to spend whatever's necessary, some pastina super fans are petitioning for its return to shelves. A petition posted on, which is just one of many pastina petitions, has received nearly 3,000 signatures.

"Pastina has been a staple in households across the globe for decades, and has long been heralded as the perfect choice when you’re feeling under the weather & in need of a meal that is filling but won’t upset your stomach," wrote Lisa Yakomin, the creator of the petition. "Whether you serve it with butter, marinara sauce, or in soup, Pastina is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a little TLC."

Despite pleas from customers, it seems that Ronzoni has not budged on their decision to discontinue the fave. On social media, the brand hasn't shared anything regarding pastina since their January 3 post about it being discontinued.

On the plus side, there are several similar products that are still available. Barilla, Goya, and Good & Gather are among the brands that sell their own tiny star-shaped pastas.

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