Romantic Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Lit

Romantic Date Ideas to Keep Your Relationship Lit

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Keeping the fire going in relationships through the ebb and flow of life can feel daunting at times. However, it isn't impossible to maintain the passion you share with a healthy dose of nurturing and a frequent dose of excitement. With the right amount of attention, effort, and sense of wonder, you can keep the fire ablaze in your relationship. Whether you're in the early stages of getting to know a new partner or many years into a solid partnership or marriage, we have an extensive list of fun date ideas to keep things full of adventure in your love life. The American Heart Association even explained in a 2020 article,"Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period." From classic dates like dinner for two and a romantic movie to adrenaline-filled outdoorsy treks like ziplining by moonlight, we have plenty lined up for the romantically inclined in our compendium of date ideas to keep the fireworks going and your heart healthy too! The list is organized into a variety of categories to make searching for the right fit a breeze!

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Romantic Date Ideas for the Outdoorsy Lovers

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1. Pack a Picnic
Load the car with a basket that includes an outdoor blanket, a few cushions for lounging, cooler filled with tasty beverages (whether it's premixed cocktails, wine, or sparkling water), and an insulated carryall bag with your favorite sandwiches to savor at your favorite local park on a clear and sunny day.

2. Visit a Local Farm

Take a weekend to get outside at one of your favorite community farms together. Whether you both want to attend a general grounds tour or visit for a pick-you-own produce event, it will strengthen your bond.

3. Take a Hike
Put on your comfy shoes or better yet all-terrain boots with your beloved and grab a backpack filled with the essentials (water, snacks, compass, jacket, etc.) to explore a well worn path at a nearby trail.

4. Take a Boat Out

If you have a fishable lake or seaside enclave in your area, consider taking your boat for a spin or renting a private boat with captain if you don't have boating license. Kick back and spend a few hours on the water sipping a classic craft beer and catching tonight's dinner.

Romantic Date Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

5. Get Carried Away on a Zipline
Literally get hooked on a line with this daring activity. Whether you op for an indoor version or an outdoor adventure course. Ziplining your way through familiar or unfamiliar terrain is sure to bind you together by the end of the afternoon!

6. Jump Out of the Sky
This date isn't for the faint of heart. If you both have a strong tummies and are ready to push personal boundaries, add skydiving to your list.

7. Hit a Target
Axe-throwing is definitely for couples with excellent hand eye coordination. Take on your love and get throwing in a safe but challenging environment!

8. Take on a Scavenger Hunt
Do you both love games that pull you outside? If so, add an afternoon hunt to your list of fun things to tackle together. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Romantic Date Ideas for The Art Lovers

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9. Visit a Museum + Dinner
Pull out your nicest cocktail attire and head out with your love to visit a new exhibit at a nearby art museum. After swoon over your favorite artworks, go to an upscale eatery for drinks and an opulent meal.

10. Take a Crafting Class
Regardless of your creative skill level, book a fun introductory class to learn the basics of pottery, painting, iron pouring, glass blowing, or any other artistic medium to learn a new thing or two together.

Romantic Date Ideas for The Wordsmiths

11. Go Book Shopping + Lunch
Make an afternoon of perusing literary selections. Play a little game of picking out the perfect book for each other to exchange at the end of lunch at a nearby cafe.

12. Attend Poetry Slam + Coffee Date
If you're both fond of poetry, browse local events to find an upcoming event at a coffee shop to savor a cup of joe while listening to the captivating tones of writers with the power of the spoken word.

13. Sit for a Book Reading and Enjoy Dinner Afterwards

Keep your eyes open for any events featuring beloved and new authors visiting your city. Attend a book reading and signing together and go to dinner at a favorite restaurant to end the evening.

14. Compete at Trivia Night and Sample the Menu

This one is for the competitive bunch! Make plans to spend a night out at a local bar or eatery to compete with or against each other at a trivia game night while sampling the drink flight and appetizer menu.

Romantic Date Ideas for The Musicheads

15. Go to a Concert or Festival
Step outside for a serenade by your favorite local artist or even consider packing your bags and walking shoes for some time away multi-day music festival.

16. Tour a Beloved Music Site
Check out the offerings in your town to explore the storied history of music icon or get on the road for a trip to a close music museum or experience like Graceland, Sun Studio, or the Johnny Cash Museum.

Romantic Date Ideas for the Classic Romantics

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17. Have Dinner by Moonlight
Set the table in your backyard or deck at dusk, light the candelabra, and open a bottle or two of "the good wine" to sip while watching the sunset before having dinner (get delivery from a fave upscale restaurant) by moonlight together.

18. Go to a Drive-In Movie
Take a short drive back in time at a local drive-in movie theater or catch a flick under stars at local park that plays favorite movies during the spring, summer, and fall.

19. Re-create Your First Date Night
Consider going back to the place you met up for your first date to feel all the nostalgic that made you fall for each other all over again.

Romantic Date Ideas for the Spirited Lovers

18. Hop on Brewery Bus Tour
If you're both fond of pints, book a fun outing with City Brew Tours to safely sample your way around the best breweries in your community with transportation and good eats along the way.

19. Visit a Distillery
Bourbon and whiskey lovers, add a weekend trip to your travel plans for a date outing to visit some of America's best spirit tours with your beloved.

20. Attend a Wine Tasting Class
Add an afternoon or evening of wine sampling to your date plans. Browse local events to find a guided class or create tasting experience with a heart charcuterie board and a spread of new bottles (even sparkling and boxed options) to try at home.

21. Go to a Beer Making Class
Are you both beer enthusiasts curious about creating your very own home brew? Consider buying a self-guided kit or purchase an online beer making course to learn to basics together.

22. Have Tapas and Go Bar Hopping
Sample your way around town with a fun night out of eating small biting and sipping crafty cocktails with your partner—regardless of your age.

Romantic Date Ideas for the Luxe Couple

23. Retreat to the Spa
Couples with an affinity for the "finer things" will definitely want to add this idea to their list of dates. Reserve a time together at a outstanding spa or surprise your love with a trip to unwind and relax together at one of the countries best retreats.

24. Enjoy a Private Shopping Experience
Retail addicted lovers can design a one-of-a-kind date with a one-on-one shopping excursion. Many local shops offer private shopping sessions and well-known brands like Macy's, Bloomingdale's, and Nordstrom offer free private styling/shopping services.

25. Have a Staycation at a Luxury Hotel
Plan a night together at a nearby five-star hotel where you can order room service and spend the evening relaxing with each other.

26. Rent an Entire Movie Theater
Picture a private party of two at the cinema. Book a whole movie theater to watch the latest new release with your beau. Theaters like AMC, Cinemark, Regal, and other offer personal rentals with concierge food and drinks.

Romantic Date Ideas for the Foodies

27. Attend a Cooking Class
Whether you're fond of pasta, sushi, or anything in between, put an interactive cooking class on your to do list. Check local class listings or find an online options like Sur la Table to develop a new skill with you loved one.

28. Enjoy Dinner + an Online Cocktail Class
Order takeout and sign-on to a beginner's course or an advanced mixology class to learn a new bar trick or two.

29. Go to a Pop-Up Dinner Night
Step outside of your usual dinner plans and get tickets for a unique pop-up dinner experience. Check out community boards and discover exclusive themed dining nights with great chefs, food, and drinks like Small Batch and Blockbuster Pop-Up.

30. Make Your Lover's Favorite Dinner
Before your partner arrives, turn on the stereo to play their favorite album, and get cooking to surprise them with their favorite dinner!

Romantic Date Ideas for the Animal Admirers

31. Visit an Aquarium or Zoo + Lunch
Spend the afternoon seeing some of nature's most beautiful creations at an aquarium or zoo before grabbing lunch at a casual diner.

32. Volunteer at a Farmstead
Bond over your mutual admiration of adorable animals and organic produce by volunteering some of your time to assist a community farm in need of helping hands. Call in advance to find a volunteer slot.

Romantic Date Ideas for the DIYers/Crafty Types

33. Go to an Architectural Salvage Show
Are you in the middle of renovating or redecorating your home. Get on the road with your truck (or rent one) to attend a salvage show with your partner pick up cool finds (like antique doors and more) together!

34. Eat Brunch + Go Thift Shopping
Gather for brunch to fill up of delicious food before heading to a couple of consignment shops where you're sure to find a bespoke treasures.

35. Attend a Woodworking Class
Hand-ons learners will appreciate a class with a loved one to create a unique piece of art. Check your community board for upcoming classes to get chopping and sawing with each other.

Romantic Date Ideas for the Homebodies

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36. Plan a Picnic with a Bonfire
Head to your backyard to lit the magical fire and snack on tasty treats with your love under the stars. Don't forget to add scrumptious s'mores to the menu too!

37. Have an Indoor Picnic
Even if the weather is cold and wet, plan a thoughtful date with an indoor picnic. Lay out a cozy blanket, soft pillows, and a picnic basket filled with your favorite foods and drinks.

38. Have Game Night In + Have Take Out
Queue up your favorite tunes, schedule a dinner delivery, and dust off that truck of classic games like Clue and Monopoly for a lighthearted night inside.

39. Private Catered Dinner
Hire a professional chef to provide a curated wine and dine experience in the comfort of your home.

40. Make a Home-Cooked Dinner Together
Pull together a fun and easy to make dinner to prepare with your sweetheart! Browse our fabulous dinner for two ideas to find the perfect meal. Divide and conquer by splitting tasks to make the prep engaging before enjoying the finished product.

Romantic Date Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

41. Tour Your City Like a Tourist
Plan weekend date to explore your city for new spots, excursions, and restaurants like a newbie.

42. Hop on a Train to a Nearby City
Add a day trip date or extended vacation on the great American rail to your list of new things to experience with your sweetheart.

43. Take a Weekend Trip to a Nearby City
Surprise your significant other! Take advantage of last minute hotel and local deals on sites like Livingsocial, Groupon,, or Hotel Tonight to book an impromptu trip.

Romantic Date Ideas the Sports Super Fans

44. Attend a Local Team Game Night
Put on your favorite game day gear and head out to a local event for camaraderie, brews, and lots of loud cheering!

45. Plan an Afternoon at a Sports Museum
Put a smile on the face of your sports enthusiast with tickets to a museum!

46. Secure Tickets to Professional Sports Game
Whether it's the NFL, NBA, or NHL, get a pair of tickets to enjoy the "big game" together!

47. Plan a Cosmic Bowling Outing
Hit up your neighborhood alley for a date evening filled with low lights, flashing lasers, music, comfort food, and lots of bowling!

Romantic Date Ideas for the Retro Lovers

48. Enjoy a Retro Game Night at Home with Pizza
Dust off your old Atari or Playstation console for a night of gaming and snacking on comfort food.

49. Savor Sweets at an Ice Cream Shop
Split a sundae, share a malt milkshake, and maybe even a kiss with your partner.

50. Visit a Candy Factory
Whether you love Jellybelly Beans, Hershey's Kisses, or another regional fave, plan an outing to visit an iconic spot.

Fifty More Date Night Ideas!

51. Try a New Cuisine Together
52. Visit a Karaoke Bar
53. Take a Dance Class
54. Go Biking Together
55. Attend a Candle-Making Class
56. Test Drive a Luxury Car
57. Solve a Mystery at an Escape Room
58. Go Line Dancing
59. Head to a Comedy Show
60. Attend a Paint and Wine Event
61. Have Lunch at Buc-ee's
62. Go Skinny Dipping (if you dare!)
63. Put a Pizza in Oven and Tackle a Jigsaw Puzzle
64. Take a Sailing Lesson
65. Go Horseback Riding
66. Visit a Pop-Up Immersive Experience (like the Van Gogh Expo and The Stranger Things Experience)
67. Plan a Day of Geocaching
68. Go Stargazing
69. Rideshare to a Bottomless Brunch
70. Get a Couples Massage
71. Visit a Food Truck Park
72. Explore a Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, or Apple Orchard (in the fall)
73. Head to a Pick-Your-Own-Berries Farm (in the summer)
74. Plan a Camping (or Glamping) Weekend
75. Eat Breakfast at the Farmer’s Market
76. Plant a Garden Together
77. Bar Hop Your Way Around Town
78. Book a Vintage Couples Photo Session
79. Go Dream House Shopping Browsing
80. Go Hang Gliding (if you dare!)
81. Compete at a Food Challenge (like taking on scorching hot wings or a massive burger)
82. Visit a Rage Room Experience (don't be afraid to get Office Space close)
83. Head to the Track for Go-Carting
84. Write a Song Together (if you're both musically inclined)
85. Go Fishing
86. Take a Carriage Ride Around the Park
88. Go Paddle Boating
89. Book a Dinner Cruise
90. Meet Up for Happy Hour and Small Bites
91. Order Takeout and Plan a Couples Vacation
92. Warm Up with Hot Chocolate and Go Ice Skating
93. Visit an Adult-Friendly Arcade
94. Hit Up the Mini-Golf Course
95. Go Shopping at an International Market
96. Attend a Snorkeling Lesson
97. Hit Up the Ski Slopes (during the winter)
98. Book a Prix Fixe Dinner
99. Play Laser Tag
100. Plan a Surprise Trip for Your Partner

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