ROFL Pumpkin Stencil

When you're selecting the perfect pumpkin to create this abbreviated masterpiece, keep a few qualities in mind. 1. A fresh pumpkin will have a green, firmly connected stem; reject any pumpkins with dry or crumbly stems. 2. A smooth, flat side is ideal for carving; avoid gourds that are super round. 3. A flat-bottom pumpkin is best for display purposes, since it stays where you put it; otherwise, your "ROFL" pumpkin will be just "ROF."

To carve:

1. Sign in to to download our free ROFL stencil. Fasten it to the side of your cleaned-out pumpkin with tape.

2. Reproduce the pattern on the pumpkin surface by using a needle tool to outline the design with closely spaced holes. Push the needle through both the paper and the pumpkin skin below, keeping needle marks within 1/8" of each other. Tear off the pattern.

3. Cut along the needle marks to carve the pattern, carving completely through the pumpkin wall with a serrated crafts knife. After carving the design completely, pop pieces outward by pressing on them with your fingers.