Rodarte’s Kate & Laura Mulleavy Are Making A Movie Starring Kirsten Dunst

Britt Aboutaleb

If you’d asked us to guess which designers would next leap into Hollywood, well, the Mulleavy sisters would be the obvious choice. Kate and Laura, who design Rodarte, are based in Los Angeles, where they grew up; they’re best friends with a roster of indie actresses—Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Dakota Fanning—they designed the costumes for Oscar-winning Black Swan, and they’ve designed entire collections based on their favorite films (Star Wars, AW/14). 

Sure enough, the Hollywood Reporter reports that the Mulleavys are finally entering the production phase of Woodshock, a film they started writing several years ago. A24, which just put out Ex Machina, has already signed on for the theatrical rights while Waypoint Entertainment will finance and produce. 

Not surprisingly, Dunst will star in the film, which we imagine will be something dreamy, a bit sparkly on top with dark undertones and a spectacular wardrobe (obviously). Designer Tom Ford, who’s directorial debut A Single Man earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Director, set the bar quite high for designer-turns-director, but if anyone’s in touch with their dramatic side enough to pull this off, it’s the Mulleavys. 

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