Rocky Barnes shares her quarantine favorites

Model and Blogger Rocky Barnes shares her new collection and her quarantine favorites.

Video Transcript

ROCKY BARNES: Hi, guys. My name is Rocky Barnes, and I'm about to share with you the things I've been obsessed with over quarantine.


When you guys asked about quarantine, I feel like a lot of my products reflect new mom in quarantine. So immediately, I was like, dry shampoo. I think like, every girl can relate. Like, who has time with a new baby to wash their hair?

I love the volumizing one with Tresemmé. It smells amazing. Just don't spray it around your husband. He'll hate it. But it does make your hair smell amazing. Yeah, I can go like, four or five days. It's like a girl's dream come true.

This is the Doona trike. Jones just outgrew has Doona stroller, and so we upgraded to this. He is obsessed with it. We use this going on walks around our neighborhood, which is as much outdoorsy as we can do right now.

You can use it now as like a stroller where he can sit on it as a trike, and then as he gets older, it'll evolve with him and turn into a trike that he can pedal himself. I think he likes feeling like a big boy in this. He's obsessed.

So this is the Venice Robe, Golden Hour, from my collection, The Bright Side. We designed this collection, unisex kind of loungewear with robes. It's made out of this knit material, which I am so obsessed with. You could really wear it inside and outside. It's like a really nice, fun pop of color. It's not like your typical white bathrobe.

This is our leisure suit. This is in such a fun color. This is the Sunset color, actually. I'm obsessed with the color block. The pants are a color block as well, kind of mismatching.

They're made out of like a really amazing linen blend, so it has a little bit of weight to it. They definitely can be worn in the house, outside the house. I wear the top just tucked into jeans. It's super cozy. You can throw the robe on over the top, and it's kind of like your perfect quarantine uniform.

This one's Le [? Paradis ?] Bora Bora. This one smells like the vacation we didn't take this year. It smells like tropical flowers, so you can kind of close your eyes and envision you're there. The sensory experience is so triggering. You can really have a full escape moment with your candle.

Bye, guys. Thanks for checking out my quarantine obsessions in New in the Q.