Roche Bobois's Latest Collection Finds Inspiration from the 70s

roche bobois launches new spring and summer 2023 collection
Roche Bobois Launches 70s-Inspired CollectionCourtesy of Roche Bobois

Roche Babois, the French luxury home brand that specializes in contemporary design, recently released a collection inspired by the lines and aesthetics of the 1970s—an era best known for its playful shapes, use of fabrics like velvet and rattan, and earthy colors.

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Among the collection is a modular sofa designed by Maurizio Manzoni. Courtesy of Roche Bobois

Within the collection, there are modular, curvaceous sofas in terra-cotta, amber, and teal by designer Maurizio Manzoni. Dining tables, sideboards, and desks forged from a gouged wood technique by Bina Baitel accompany them, further exemplifying the brand's use of fine craftsmanship. And, designer Christian Ghion is once again back at Roche Babois, creating two unique pieces. The first is a low cocktail table whose glass top is held by three silver spheres. It's named Sumito in reference to the Japanese marble game. The second is a lamp called Autographe, which appears to draw a line in the air in the fashion of light painting.

roche bobois lamps
Christian Ghion is back at Roche Bobois with two unique pieces. This one is a lamp called Autographe, which seems to draw a line in the air in the fashion of light painting.Courtesy of Roche Bobois

The brand is also thinking about a home's exterior as much as its interior, with the Temps Calme Outdoor (translating to "calm weathers outdoors) collection, which includes a modular outdoor sofa and a chaise lounge. They've also included the option of adding a lacquered polyester resin cocktail table and side tables by Nathanaël Désormeaux and Damien Carrette.

The collection is now available on

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