Robert De Niro Speaks Out After Welcoming 7th Child

Robert De Niro has spoken up about his kids for the first time since announcing the birth of his seventh child earlier this week.

The Cape Fear actor slipped the news casually into an interview while talking about his parenting style, correcting the interviewer when they mentioned his six children.

"Seven, actually," De Niro said, confessing, "I just had a baby." He withheld further information, though, like the infant's name, actual age, and the identity of its mother, though some fans suspect him to be in a relationship with Tiffany Chen, whom he is believed to have met on set of The Intern in 2015.

He's still remaining mum about those details, but he did speak more about fatherhood at the New York City premiere of his latest film—fittingly called About My Father—yesterday, May 9.

On the red carpet, Access Hollywood asked De Niro what his number one rule for being a good father was. 

"Sometimes, I don't think people really know what being a good father is," he answered, going on to clarify that "you have a responsibility." He continued, "But look, it's a mystery. It's a lot of excitement. It's scary and you do your best."

The father of seven shares his two eldest children, Drena, 51, and Raphael, 46, with his first wife, Diahnne Abbott. He also has 27-year-old twins, Aaron and Julian, with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith, and shares Elliot, 25, and Helen, 11, with ex-wife Grace Hightower.

Though 79 years old, he's ready to do it all over again,

“You know, my kids disagree with me at times, and they’re respectful," he said when the news was announced. "My daughter, she’s 11, she gives me grief sometimes and I argue with her. I adore her, but, you know. And my youngest now, that’ll be more to come. But, that’s what it is.”

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