Robert De Niro Shares Adorable First Photo of 7th Baby

Robert De Niro has formally introduced his newborn daughter!

The Meet the Fockers star let it slip during an interview earlier this week that he actually has seven children, instead of six, but beyond announcing the recent birth of the babe, he gave no further details.

Fans speculated that his partner, Tiffany Chen, whom he met on the set of 2015's The Intern, was the infant's mother, and now the actor is confirming most of the details!

Earlier today on CBS Mornings, De Niro officially introduced his youngest daughter, Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro, who was born on April 6 and named after De Niro's mother, Virginia Admiral De Niro. Though he wasn't present to make the intro himself, he shared a sweet photo of the adorable addition to their family—who is already rocking a full head of hair at just over a month old—with the morning show.

<p>CBS News</p>

CBS News

Host Gayle King, who interviewed De Niro, 79, about his upcoming flick, About My Father, this past Saturday—two days before the news broke—called the actor back up, wondering why he'd withheld the information.

He said he'd thought about mentioning it right then and there but didn't want to take away from the focus of the film. The only reason it came out when it did was because the reporter specifically said to him, "You have six children," and he corrected her, not wanting to deny the baby.

King went on to request the opportunity to break the news about the baby's name and gender, which he agreed to.

"This is a bonafide exclusive," King joked on camera. "I present to you the national TV debut of Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro."

The actor also confirmed to her that the baby was planned. "They are over the moon, she was brought here by love, so he is very psyched and very excited about it," King noted.

Congrats to the doting parents!