Robb Recommends: This Sleek, Auto-Inspired Luggage Line Handles the Rigors of Travel in Style

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On a recent trip, I had to gate-check my carry-on luggage—a minor inconvenience—and then landed to find it had a giant crack in the corner of its shell from mishandling—a major inconvenience. First of all, how? Second of all, so much for the brand’s durability promise.

After relegating that defunct piece to perma-storage, I needed a new carry-on. Luckily, Peugeot had just unveiled its line of luggage (Peugeot Voyages) in collaboration with Delsey Paris. And if they could engineer those beautiful cars, I thought, surely they’d have a one-up on making primo cases?

I opted for the eye-catching glossy red carry-on suitcase, since my last carryon was all too same-same; I don’t love seeing a dozen other people with the exact same piece of luggage when I travel, since it’s a baggage mix-up disaster waiting to happen, and makes me feel like a no-taste copycat. (It’s like passing someone else wearing your same signature scent or the exact same jacket you’re wearing that day.) I digress: This carry-on—which comes in four colors—is one of seven pieces in the Voyages collection, which also includes trunks, duffel bags, and backpacks.

Peugeot Voyages Carry-on Suitcase


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There’s no cracking this shell open. Its aluminum frame is mighty, and also lightweight enough that it doesn’t consume your entire carry-on allowance with the shell alone. Of course, I got gate-checked again on my first voyage with the luggage; while I doubt it was dropped on its head, I was relieved to find the Peugeot as scratchless and as glossy as before it left it on the skybridge.

The extra touches on this thing fall in line with Peugeot’s luxe standards: leather accents including the passenger detail tag; expandable interior nylon straps that secure your precious cargo like a seatbelt; silent wheels that help you glide from gate to gate; a double TSA-lock enclosure that pops open like a fancy car trunk; antimicrobial recycled rPET lining; a Bluetooth tracker pocket; and a lined zip-closure divider. If there’s something to gripe about, it’s that the suitcase comes with USB/USB-C quick charge port to keep your devices juiced up on the go—but you have to insert your own battery pack for it.

Still, with new luggage brands popping up online and selling en masse, I’m happy to revert to a mainstay of the likes of Delsey Paris, especially when it’s in partnership with a brand like Peugeot. This Voyages line is durable, beautiful, and thoughtful, and I anticipate spending far less time chasing down customer service agents and insurance proofs whenever this carry-on is gate checked.

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