Rob Gronkowski declares he's 'the No. 1 breakfast-cooker out there.' Find out the dish that's his 'claim to fame.'

Rob Gronkowski says his go-to meal when watching a sporting event at a stadium is a cheeseburger and fries. (Photo: Getty; designed by Zana Kaba)
Rob Gronkowski says his go-to meal when watching a sporting event at a stadium is a cheeseburger and fries. (Photo: Getty; designed by Zana Kaba)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life is serving up a heaping plateful of table talk with people who are passionate about what's on their menu in Deglazed, a series about food.

Rob Gronkowski may be known for his moves on the football field, but the former NFL tight end says he's also talented in the kitchen. "I am the number one breakfast-cooker out there," he tells Yahoo Life. "That's my claim to fame in the cooking world."

His breakfast specialties? "I'm a basic breakfast guy and I love being a chef and cooking up eggs scrambled with some cheese," he shares. "It's my favorite — you put a little pepper on them and put some Himalayan salt in there as well. I also love cooking bacon and turkey sausages and some healthy pancakes with maple syrup and some delicious butter."

"If you're really, really feelin' it," he continues, "I can amplify a breakfast with a nice croissant as well — butter up the croissant and grill it to make it extra crispy. I throw some eggs on the croissant with some cheese and it's super delicious and tasteful. I'm very good at breakfast but that's all I got. I'm a breakfast guy."

Gronkowski's girlfriend, actress and model Camille Kostek, told Yahoo Life about his breakfast-making abilities in a 2022 interview. "My boyfriend is like the egg chef," Kostek said. "He said he used to love waking up in college to make eggs for everybody, so I Iet him continue that great tradition by making me eggs every morning, too."

Now, the 33-year-old retired athlete says he's onto Kostek. "I think she hypes me up just to make sure I keep making her breakfast," he jokes.

But Kostek has brought her own favorite foods to the table in their relationship. Gronkowski says, although he's Polish, he didn't enjoy Polish food growing up. It was Kostek's grandmother who taught Gronkowski to appreciate a good pierogi.

"My favorite pierogies are from Camille's grandma," he says. "She makes them for every holiday and if I can't make it out to a holiday, Camille brings home the extra to me to the house. That's where pierogies have really picked up for me in my life, once I started dating Camille ... she has really gotten me into the pierogi game. Her babcia, that's what she calls her grandma, makes the best pierogies in town."

"Let me tell you," he adds, "I love pierogies now. I eat every pierogi that comes in front of my face."

Gronkowski grew up in Buffalo, NY, and says his true love is Buffalo wings, so much so that he has some intense rules around how he consumes them.

"My favorite is a mild Buffalo sauce on the wing," he says. "I'm not a medium guy or a hot guy. I don't want the sauce to be too spicy. I love barbecue sauce as well, so I'm a mild Buffalo sauce guy and a barbecue sauce guy."

But Gronkowski's preferences don't stop with wing sauce. "You gotta have blue cheese, but, the blue cheese has to be from Buffalo," he explains. "I've never really found any good blue cheese outside of Buffalo, but anywhere you go in Buffalo where you order wings, they've got great blue cheese, and that's what's up with Buffalo."

"Their blue cheese tops anywhere else and you cannot replace it with ranch when you're in Buffalo," he continues. "If you're outside of Buffalo? Yes, you can get some ranch. But in Buffalo, blue cheese or you die."

Gronkowski spoke with Yahoo Life as part of his work promoting Bounty, and says he grew up with the paper towel brand being used regularly in his home. "I have five brothers," he says, "It was a free-for-all in my house whenever dinnertime came. I was a complete mess, and my mom loved it whenever we had paper towels around the house because you just take that one Bounty paper towel and wipe it right across your face and fingers and ta-da, you're clean."

As Super Bowl LVII approaches, Gronkowski says Bounty will be among his game day staples. "Being from Buffalo I know a thing or two about what you absolutely have to have at game day and that's football — the number one sport — wings and Bounty," he says. "There's a little saying: You can't have football without wings, and you can't have wings without Bounty."

But what else would be on his Super Bowl party table? "My mother's Buffalo chicken wing dip," says Gronkowski. "She makes a fire Buffalo chicken wing dip. Every time I go to her house she always has it out as an appetizer and I eat it all ... whenever I'm going to a party, I love to ask my mom to make it if she's in the area as well. I show up and everyone's excited about this dip and I tell everyone I made it, but really my mom made it. And then I look like a hero."

Another football food Gronkowski can't get enough of? The classic burger and fry combo. "Whenever I go to my nephew's games and stuff at a local park, I love to get the local cheeseburger at any stadium with the fries as well," he says. "You can never go wrong with a cheeseburger and fries, wherever you're at."

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