Rita Moreno's Flirting Leaves 'Today' Show Anchor Blushing

Rita Moreno left Today's Craig Melvin blushing during her latest appearance on the show.

Hoda Kotb had a chance to interview the iconic EGOT winner to chat about Moreno's role as Vin Diesel's Fast and the Furious character Dom's Abuelita in Fast X. At one point, the conversation turned to Martha Stewart's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, which Kotb said represented older women getting to do "cool" things—and she puts Moreno in the category, too.

Moreno proudly stated, "I not only do, I speak." She added that she gets "dirtier and dirtier every year" and doesn't give a damn what people think.

That proved to be true when Today anchor Melvin came in to give the West Side Story star a "TEGOT", the first-ever Today Icon Award. "And look who's giving it to me! Hello gorgeous," exclaimed Moreno, as Melvin kneeled to kiss her hand. He then hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Moreno couldn't resist flirting, demanding, "Sit down, you animal." Melvin complied, saying, "Yes ma'am, yes ma'am." The actress then turned to Kotb and said, "I'm intrigued here." She then made direct eye contact with Melvin and said, "Hi there, cutie."

Melvin was thrilled to get the attention, telling Moreno he's been her fan for "so long." He joked, "If I weren't married…," to which the actress responded, "Do we give a hoot?"

The Today anchor was blushing and flustered following the response, asking if they could cut to commercial.

Kotb then clarified that Moreno has made it clear that the 91-year-old is at the "stage in life where she don't care."

"Oh, I can tell," Melvin quipped back.

Besides flirting up a storm with Melvin, Moreno also revealed that she's going to reprise her Fast X role for the 11th installment of the franchise, but she made sure to not reveal details of its plot.