Ring captures dad’s lightning-fast reflexes when he suddenly collapses to the ground: ‘What a save’

A dad’s incredible reaction time was all captured by his front-door camera, and TikTokers are applauding his reflexes.

We’ve seen Ring cameras capture incredible moments before — like the heroic neighbor who saved an entire family from a terrifying house fire — but this scary parenting moment would have never been witnessed had it not been for the family’s front-door camera.

Now, much like the dad whose reflexes saved his toddler’s life when she wandered onto the family’s waterslide, this dad is receiving accolades from shocked onlookers.

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In the video, originally uploaded by Scott Allen Boger, we see a dad and his children heading out for the day — presumably on their way to school, judging by their backpacks.

Scott, holding a toddler, is the last one out, closing the door behind them as they leave. The family begins making their way to the driveway — when suddenly, Scott’s foot slips off the sidewalk, rolling his ankle.

The dad and toddler crash down to the ground — but the quick-thinking dad, desperate to protect his little one, tucks and rolls into a ball, saving his child from a nasty fall to the cement.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

‘My heart stopped when I realized he had a baby…’

TikTokers couldn’t believe the dad’s incredible save.

“If ‘I’d give my life for my kids’ was a person 👏🏾,” one user applauded.

“He took a roll and saved the baby🥰. Then got up and kept on going like nothing happened. Good job dad 😂,” laughed another user.

“You protected that kiddo like you just scored the winning TD 😅,” commented another user.

“Epic save man!! 😂,” lauded one user.

“Nice hold Daddy 🙌🏽,” wrote another user.

“WHAT A SAVE. My heart stopped when I realized he had a baby,” another user commented.

Thankfully, despite the nasty-looking fall, no one seemed to incur any injury, and the family was able to enjoy a good laugh at Dad’s rough start to his day.

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