A Ring Camera Captured Footage Of This Woman Giving Birth In A Parking Lot

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Photo credit: Facebook
Photo credit: Facebook

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  • A Ring camera captured footage of a woman giving birth in the parking lot of a birthing center in Florida.

  • Susan Anderson said she could feel the need to push on the car ride to the center.

  • A midwife grabbed the baby as she slipped through the side of Anderson's shorts.

Susan Anderson had the shock of her life when her daughter, Julia, was born in the parking lot of her birthing center in Margate, Florida, this week.

“During the car ride to the birth center, I turned to my husband, and I was like, ‘I need to push!” she told Local 10. “By the time we got to the first step, the head was coming.”

Anderson was on her way in to the Natural Birth Works with her husband Joseph Anderson when her baby made her arrival in the parking lot.

Her midwife, Sandra Lovaina, spoke out about how "crazy' it was in a Zoom call interview over the weekend, according to the Miami Herald.

“I asked her, ‘Are you okay to walk?’ and she said, ‘Yes,”’ Lovaina said. “The baby was already making its way and she was like, ‘uh-oh’ [but] she was in control of the entire situation."

According to Local 10, Lovaina grabbed the newborn when she slipped through the side of Anderson’s shorts.

With Anderson's permission, the birthing center shared video captured by a Ring camera to Facebook, and naturally, it went viral:

“It’s so crazy. We never expected all this attention. It’s just mind boggling. We are so happy that it brought smiles to people’s faces and it brought a little joy in the world during this craziness,” said Lovaina.

Anderson had apparently planned for a water birth.

“That was my focus, just getting inside to the birthing tub, but she had other ideas,” Anderson said.

Her other midwife, Gelena Hinkley, said that this was Anderson's second birth at the center, but this time around things happened a lot quicker.

“She had been our client before. We’ve done her other delivery, and round two was just a lot faster. No one was expecting it to be that fast,” said Hinkley.

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