Disney guest films 'torture' of being stuck on It's a Small World ride for over an hour: 'I would've lost my mind'

Disney patrons took to social media to share how they were stuck on the It’s a Small World ride for over an hour — and, no, they did not turn off the song.

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The iconic Magic Kingdom ride opened in 1971 and has guests sitting in boats as animatronic children sing on a loop.

In this case, the ride appears to have malfunctioned. TikTok user @hazeysmom22 filmed how the boat in front of hers appeared to be sinking on one side.

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“This boat said it was NOT a small world…” she captioned the clip. “We were stuck for over an hour, the torture.”

@hazeysmom22 explained in a comment that crew members allegedly didn’t realize the song was still playing while they assessed the situation.

“They didn’t realize for like 45 mins, everyone was on a boat so we sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!!” she wrote. “TORTURE lol.”

“I would’ve lost my mind,” another person said.

Ride malfunctions are not new to Disney, but the stories about them going viral on TikTok certainly are. Earlier in 2022, in February, one woman documented a group’s “ridiculous” experience getting stuck in Animal Kingdom’s lion enclosure and expressed disappointment that the compensation for the mishap was a single Lightning Lane pass.

In January, one Disney fan ignited a conversation about the “most traumatizing ride to get stuck on” after she got stuck on Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin in front of two animatronic clowns.

Based on TikTok’s reactions, getting stuck on rides is slightly better than riding the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with the lights on. In a viral video uploaded to the platform in August 2021, a Disney-centric TikTok account showed “rare” footage of the usually dark ride and spooked viewers.

Fortunately for the It’s a Small World ride, nobody was hurt. But it may take a while before the guests listen to the song again.

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