Use Ricotta Cheese For The Absolute Creamiest Scrambled Eggs

ricotta scrambled eggs with parmesan and salad
ricotta scrambled eggs with parmesan and salad - ismishko/Shutterstock

Scrambled eggs are a universally popular breakfast dish because they're easy to make, ready in minutes, and offer a delightfully fluffy texture and buttery flavor. Since eggs are so versatile, you can throw any ingredient into a scramble, and it's bound to be good. While adding cheese to scrambled eggs isn't a novel idea, you're probably used to the sharp, salty flavor of cheddar or jack cheese and the gooey characteristic of their melted consistency. Ricotta cheese, however, delivers the ultimate texture upgrade to scrambled eggs.

A fresh, soft, spreadable cheese with a creamy, almost grainy texture, ricotta's mild yet rich flavor is as versatile an ingredient as eggs are. Its richness will enhance the buttery, decadent taste of scrambled eggs, but it's the textural enhancement that really stands out. Whisking ricotta into a scramble will thicken and soften scrambled eggs with a luscious creaminess without detracting from their light, airy nature.

Different recipes for ricotta scrambled eggs add ricotta to the scramble at different times — some recommend folding the ricotta into newly formed curds while piping hot, while others add a dollop of fresh ricotta to the eggs while they're still liquid. Constantly moving the liquid eggs around over low heat will ensure the creamiest, softest scramble whether you add the ricotta at the beginning or end of the process.

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Tips, Seasonings, And Pairings For Ricotta Scrambled Eggs

scrambled eggs on toast
scrambled eggs on toast - Aristotoo/Getty Images

While ricotta will add heft to scrambled eggs, the key to achieving both creamy and light results is to incorporate as much air as possible into the eggs by whisking them into oblivion. You can save yourself the elbow grease by using an immersion blender. A good indicator of airy scrambled raw eggs is the presence of a bubbly foam at the top or around the circumference of the bowl.

The utter richness of ricotta scrambled eggs warrants a generous seasoning of salt and pepper. Red chili flakes, cayenne, or smoked paprika would all bring a spicy kick, while savory herbs and aromatics like chives, oregano, basil, and tarragon would add more depth. The best time to season scrambled eggs is once they're finished cooking. You can fold the spices in with the dollops of ricotta or sprinkle the seasonings over a fresh mound of scrambled eggs as you plate them.

You can add more salt and savoriness by garnishing ricotta scrambled eggs with a hearty sprinkling of fresh parmesan cheese. Butter is a favorite fat for the richest scrambled eggs, but olive oil would be a nice earthy contrast to ricotta's dairy richness. You can have the best of both worlds by using butter in the scramble and a drizzle of olive oil as the finishing touch. For a crunchy contrast, place a mound of ricotta scramble over sourdough toast, garnish with chives, and drizzle with hot honey and olive oil.

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