Ricky Martin is opening up about his foot fetish—and he's not afraid to let the world know about it

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Ricky Martin is opening up about his life now that he’s single and looking.

Martin, 52, announced his divorce from his husband of six years, Jwan Yosef in the summer of 2023. The couple also announced that they were going to co-parent their children together.

Now, he’s opened up to GQ about his sexuality and dating life.

Martin recalled how when he was still closeted and on the verge of global superstardom, he tried to convince a partner that they should run away together and avoid the spotlight.

“We were 20,” he said. “I told him I’m going to quit everything. Let’s move to Europe and just be. I don’t care about this. He goes, ‘Your path is evident. I see your future. I love you, but we can’t.’”

Martin was finally able to come out in 2010, and he says it was the best feeling in the world.

“It felt amazing,” he recalled. “Can you come out twice, three times? I wish I had done it before. Yesterday is forever beyond our control. There’s nothing you can do about what we’ve lived.”

The singer also said that he’s enjoying being single now for the first time in years, and is even having fun meeting guys at parties. But he’s staying away from apps like Tinder and Grindr.

But the most juicy part of the interview came when GQ asked Martin about his foot fetish. The interviewer expected Martin to be shy when he asked about feet, but instead, he was excited to talk about the subject.

“I love feet. I have a foot thing. I love foot massages, and I would kiss your feet like crazy for hours. But we all have something. Some have a fetish of armpits,” he said. Asked if the photos of his own feet he posts on Instagram are for fans’ enjoyment, he’s quick to confirm.

The interviewer then asked if Martin posts pictures of his own feet on Instagram for the enjoyment of his fans.

“Let’s open the conversation!” he replied. “Let me like this comment that said, ‘I like your feet.’ I have fans that can draw my feet like a piece of art. They write to me: ‘Ricky, I can recognize your feet a mile away.’”

We should all be so lucky!