Rich Princess Charlotte Is Probably Inheriting $2 Million in Jewels From Her Mom

king charles iii celebrates first christmas as monarch with royal family
What Royal Jewels Will Princess Charlotte Inherit?Mark Cuthbert - Getty Images

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  • With King Charles III's coronation coming up, many are thinking about the line of succession, and what they're set to inherit.

  • Some have even looked ahead to consider what jewelry young Princess Charlotte will one day lay claim to.

  • They include a tiara worth over $1 million, and her mother Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

A royal coronation puts the mind of the country, and arguably the world, on the topic of tradition. Thoughts turn to the idea of what carries on beyond one lifetime, of centuries-old traditions and relics that glisten leaving one generation to the earth and adorning the next.

For some, those thoughts have grown beyond what King Charles III has inherited from the previous monarch, his mother Queen Elizabeth III, and have turned to what riches the youngest in the royal family might one day inherit from their parents when the time comes.

For example, Good To Know recently reported that Princess Charlotte appears set to "...inherit Kate Middleton’s vast and gorgeous collection of [jewelry] which includes pieces that once belonged to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II."

While some of us might scoff at the idea of already determining who has claim to items owned by someone in their early 40s, and therefore still likely far from the time where such concerns would matter, remember: When it comes to the Royal Family, they want all the details hammered out as soon as possible. After all, King Charles III is already planning out which titles Charlotte is set to inherit, so it stands to reason they would want the matter of jewelry sorted out as well.

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Princess Diana in her tiaraTim Graham - Getty Images

Good To Know consulted Maxwell Stone, "the leading diamond expert at Steven Stone," to summarize the sparkling accessories the young princess is set to inherit:

"Kate Middleton’s immaculate style is always complete with a set of pristine accessories. From her 12ct sapphire engagement ring and the £1 million tiara that originally belonged to Princess Diana, to the pearl drop earrings that she wore to the funerals of both Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth II, a large number of her pieces have sentimentality attached to them – making it highly likely that Princess Charlotte will inherit them in the future."

Another item amongst the many that Stone expects Charlotte to inherit is Diana's £390,000 engagement ring, which Prince William used to propose to Kate. Of course, the matter of just how much of this jewelry passed down through the generations actually "belongs" to the Royal Family has been the subject of recent controversy, so when the time does come, well in the future, that Princess Charlotte does inherit some royal bling, it may be a smaller collection than it presently is.

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