‘RHOBH’ Fans Have ~Thoughts~ On Crystal Possibly Getting Dumped By 14 Friends

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‘RHOBH’ Fans Have ~Thoughts~ On Crystal Possibly Getting Dumped By 14 Friends

The ongoing dispute between Crystal Minkoff and Sutton Stracke on Season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just keeps escalating. And the past few episodes have been laying out some new information about both ladies and their pasts.

Earlier this week, Sutton's daughter's former best friend accused the housewife of making racist remarks. She shared that Sutton's behavior eventually led to the end of her five-year friendship with her daughter, Porter.

Now, the internet is on the hunt for more details after Lisa Rinna shared in a confessional that she was told Crystal had been dropped by quite a few people.

"Crystal has told me that she had a falling out with like 14 of her friends. I mean, it's a lot to be dropped by 14 friends. I don't even have f***ing 14 friends," she said.

Naturally, the internet had a lot to say. Read on to see the best reactions from the other housewives and Twitter.

Where do the claims come from?

Aside from Lisa claiming that Crystal told her about her 14 ex-friends, this isn't the first time her relationships have been brought up on the show.

During last week's episode, Sutton called Crystal out for having a bit of a reputation. She added that Crystal's former friends said that Crystal tries to become close with the most powerful person in the group.

What do the other housewives think?

Following the comment about being dropped by 14 friends, some of the other housewives chimed in to share their thoughts. For starters, Kyle Richards accused Crystal of playing "the victim card."

Then, during a beach outing, Erika Jayne asked the other women if they believed Crystal's former friends over her. In Kyle's confessional, she revealed that she normally doesn't believe what she hears from other people's friends, but "[Crystal] must have done a little something wrong" to be dropped by that many people.

Fans are already on the hunt for all the details. But until anything is confirmed, here are the best reactions so far:

One user wrote, "Me to Crystal: you were dropped by friends 14 times???!!!! #RHOBH"

She certainly isn't the only one...

A fan replied tweeting, "Can you put them on speaker please? 😂 😂. "

The accuracy is unreal.

All it takes is one quick post and delete.

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