Reviewers Are ‘Shocked’ By How Fast This Growth Oil Transformed Their ‘Short, Brittle Lashes’—& It’s Down to $13

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There are simpler, more affordable ways to transform your short lashes into the fluttery envy of everyone you know other than investing in a fancy tube of lash serum. One example is to implement castor oil into your daily regimen; it is a stand-out ingredient for conditioning and nourishing hair, from your scalp to your brows, and can encourage healthier growth through routine applications. Plus, it will only set you back a mere $13—that is, if you choose the Pura D’or Organic Castor Oil

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The beauty favorite has nearly 6,000 perfect ratings from reviewers who’ve seen massive changes on what they once considered to be hopeless lashes and brows. One person even raved about how their friend used the oil to grow back their brows after accidentally waxing half of one off. “You can’t even tell she only had half an eyebrow at one point; this product worked that well,” they wrote.

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Pura D’or Organic Castor Oil $12.99 (14.99)

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The cold-pressed organic castor oil aims to bring fuller hair and thicker lashes and brows with consistent use. It even comes with two on-the-go tubes you can fill with the oil, equipped with a mascara wand and lash line wand for easy applications to those areas. That way, you can bring them with you to the office or on vacation, since the bottles come airtight with no chances of leakage. 

Whether you’ve over plucked your brows, are wanting to stop relying on heavy mascara applications just to make your lashes visible, or need a growth boost around your hairline, this product is capable of producing results. 

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“I’m actually shocked that I saw a difference, and even more shocked at how fast. I instantly saw a difference in the feeling of my lashes. I have very light blonde lashes so you really can’t see them without mascara,” wrote a new mom, who wanted to bring back the full lashes of their pre-maternity days.. “A few days went by and they seemed longer. Hard to believe, I know. I have been applying two to three times a day. Morning, night and a few minutes before applying mascara. It almost acts like a primer. I don’t use a lot during this application because I don’t want the mascara to smudge, but wow, what a difference! I feel like I have my lashes back.”

If you’ve never tried this avenue of hair growth before, you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy (and fast) an option this on-sale castor oil is. Quit wasting your precious coin on overpriced bottles and go straight for the good stuff. 

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