Does *the* viral L'Oreal mascara live up to the hype? I found out

l'oreal paris telescopic lift mascara review
I put TikTok's most viral mascara to the testHearst Owned

If you're a long-standing member of TikTok (read: BeautyTok), then you would have probably seen that a certain makeup product caused quite the stir for its 'supposed' false lash-like lift... And if you haven't – I know not everyone must spend their entire evenings mindlessly scrolling through the app – then allow me to fill you in.

Content creator and makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira is never one to shy away from a review or two on the app and so, with L'Oreal Paris having recently launched their all-new Telescopic Lift mascara, you already know she was first in line to give it a whirl.

However, after taking to her 14.4 million followers with a seemingly casual 45-second review, people were not satisfied. Basically, in the comments section, many are accusing Mikayla of wearing ~false eyelashes~.

But before making any preconceptions, why not watch the review in question for yourselves below? Side note: It's important to remember that Mikayla is a 'L'Oreal Partner' and works very closely with the brand.

I think this is what some may call 'lashlighting', huh?

Drama aside, the brand not only claims that the mascara will provide up to 5mm longer looking lashes and up to 24-hour lift, but its two-sided brush also allows for closer application to the eye line, with the curved bristles catching lashes from root to tip. I mean, is that not all we could ask for when it comes to A* mascara application?

Well, to see what all the hype is about, I took one for the team (you're welcome) and tried the product out for myself. Watch our TikTok video below where I put said mascara to our trusted Cosmo Hype Test:

Oh, and in case you missed it, here's a before look at my lashes:

l'oreal paris telescopic mascara review
Hearst Owned

Aaaand the after:

l'oreal paris telescopic mascara review
Hearst Owned

Quite the difference, right?!

Although I am blessed with a slight curl to my lashes (humble brag), it's important to note that I did not use a lash curler – yep that flexi look is all down to the product itself. Plus, the formula was not at all clumping, even when I went in with a second and third coat. Win-win [win-win-win-win], if you ask me.

Volume? Check. Lift? Check? Curl? Check. Length? Check.

You heard it here first folks, we have a new hero on our hands. Grab yours before Gen Z sell it out on TikTok!!

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