Revamp your kitchen with these beautiful bakeware essentials

Great Jones bakeware will add a pop of color to your kitchen

Video Transcript

- All right, all right, all right, all right, all right, they're done. try it.


- One for you.

- Oh, my God. Daniel.

- Mmm, they smell delicious.

- And one for you.

- God, Daniel, these are beautiful.

- They smell so good. You know I love lemon cake.

- I'm so stoked.


What's up, guys. Welcome back to Add to Cart. I am Daniel.

- I'm Oriana.

- I'm Nicole.

- And today we are talking about baking must-haves.


Who doesn't want to make delicious things in the kitchen? I feel like, in any recipe for baking, there's always something that has to be mixed, something that has to be combined. Now, I have this, the Hamilton Beach 6-speed Electric Hand Mixer, and this gets the job done every single time. 6 speeds, it comes with the beaters and a whisk, and it all fits in this nice plastic packaging.

- Oh, that's cool.

- I love that.

- So it's space-saving. There's no more of your huge mixers that have to sit and take up space, especially if you're in a tiny apartment or a dorm room. This is great. So you can bake and not have to take up all your counter space. You ready for this?


- OK, show us the speed.

- --power behind this thing. Six speeds. So we go from one--

- OK.

- --all the way to six. Well!


- Packs a punch.

- Crazy.

- Heck, yeah.

- I mean, look at this. If you had a bowl rest here--

- Oh!

- I don't know how many times you're whisking something and you want to let it rest, but either drop it into--


- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- It gets messy. This eliminates all that. It actually rests right on the bowl. All your counters stay clean, and your belly stays full. Because you get more batter to eat at the end of the day.

- OK. And you just pop it out by passing that top thing?

- Yes. Same thing. It all just kind of, rests nice and easily--

- Simple.

- --inside the plastic thing. Storage is super simple.

- So we talked about the utensil.

- Yeah.

- I think now we should move on to the bakeware.

- Bakeware.

- Yeah, this stuff is gorgeous.


- Tell me about it.

- This is the Great Jones Fully Baked Bakeware Set.

- Why don't you start Oriana? What do you have?

- OK, so the things I'm going to talk about are the casserole dish--

- Nice.

- --and the pie plate.

- Ooh.

- Beautiful! This is ceramic.

- Oh that's good.

- And they call this the Hot Dish, which is so cute, the Sweetie Pie pie plate, but it also comes with some pans over there.

- All the essentials you need for baking are in this set. Buying bakeware, in general, can be super annoying. You get one pan here, one pan here. They don't match.

- Yes.

- Terrible. This is taking all the brainpower out of that. Such nice colors. They also come in a really nice blue.

- Yes.

- And everything you need, two cake pans, two loaf pans, and a sheet pan. What else would you need for baking?

- Nothing.

- It's all right here.

- Everything you need is right there. You can make cookies, bread, cake, pie, casserole.

- Yeah.

- Guys, we have the baking bug. You can catch a baking bug, too. It's super easy and honestly, gorgeous.

- It's so nice.

- It's really beautiful.

- Add it to your cart and get your bake on.

- We'll see you next time.

- Later.

- Bye.

- See you next time.

- How good do those smell?

- These smell amazing.

- How good do they smell?

- You know I love me a lemon cake.