Reusable Shopping Bags That Are Eco-Friendly & Chic

Alicia Kort
·1 min read

If you’re still sheepishly accepting plastic and paper bags from your grocery store clerks, it’s time to make a change. 100 billion plastic bags go to landfills every year, where they’ll stay for centuries without breaking down. Stop being part of the problem and take your plastic bags out of that statistic by switching to reusable shopping bags. These bags aren’t only environmentally friendly, but they’re stylish, too. You’ll love showing off your personality with a fun tote bag and be surprised by how strong the best reusable shopping bags are. Unlike the many small plastic bags that you’re given at a grocery store, a single tote bag can hold 40-50 lbs. worth of food. Think of the possibilities. So many snacks and so much wine....

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