Resurrecting the Dead Is The Goal for This Artificial Intelligence Company

This could be your future. Or not. (Photo: Humai)

In books, movies and television, when people come back from the dead they are either vampires or zombies. But by 2045, a company called Humai hopes to use artificial intelligence to bring the dead back to life by freezing human brains and then implanting them into artificial bodies. The man who runs Humai, a tech entrepreneur named Josh Bocanegr, doesn’t plan to stop there however. He’d like to find a way to save human brains before death, using cryogenics.

If this idea sounds familiar, you might be remembering the cryogenic last wishes of Walt Disney or baseball legend Ted Williams. As neither of them are walking among us in today, in bodies artificial or organic, we know it didn’t quite work out. Most scientists don’t think Bocanegr’s plans will work either, or at least not in the way he expects.

BuzzfeedLife attended a monthly meeting of the London Interactivity Society (LIS), where the topic was debated and roundly found to be “illogical,” although not impossible, based on what we know of the human brain. Scientists involved in the debate did not dismiss the science of the idea, but did postulate that a being’s sense of continuity would be badly disrupted by being put into a new body and, perhaps most artfully, explained that plugging in the brain is not the same as getting a new monitor for your PC. You, based the chemicals and experiences that make you, would never be quite the same and thus your brain’s next conscious experience in a body might be utterly disconnected from the life you previously lived. While your brain might live on, the special being that is you is unlikely to be replicated.

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