A Resurfaced Clip Shows Anthony Mackie Agreeing With Quentin Tarantino on “The Death of the Movie Star”

In the midst of all the press Quentin Tarantino received over his comments on the decline of movie stars due to the "Marvel-ization of Hollywood", a clip of Anthony Mackie sharing similar sentiments with Tarantino has surfaced.

Mackie, who stars as Sam Wilson, the one who Steve Rogers passes on his Captain America mantle to in the MCU, spoke about the state of the film industry at the 2018 London Comic-Con. Yahoo! Entertainment has resurfaced the clip that shows the longtime Marvel actor share a candid opinion on how superheroes like those from Marvel, have led to the "death of the movie star."

In the interview, Macke can be heard saying, "There are no movie stars anymore. Like, Anthony Mackie isn't a movie star. The Falcon is a movie star. And that's what's weird. It used to be with Tom Cruise and Will Smith and Stallone and Schwarzenegger, when you went to the movies, you went to see the Stallone movie. You went to see the Schwarzenegger movie. Now you go see: X-Men. So the evolution of the super hero has meant the death of the movie star." He continued to add that nowadays many of the classic films like Goonies or The Thing, would not be made today because Hollywood now caters to "16-year-olds and China." He continues in the clip, "It's just a different time now. [Hollywood makes] movies for specific audiences as opposed to just making good movies. And that's why people stopped going to the movies, because most of the movies suck."

While this interview was from 2018, it appears that it still holds in today's era of film.

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