Resume need a refresh? This smart and easy tool is your answer.

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illustration of a person climbing a ladder next to a resume and they are putting their photo onto the giant resume
illustration of a person climbing a ladder next to a resume and they are putting their photo onto the giant resume

This article was written in partnership with, an easy-to-use resume-building tool. 

If you peeked at the “downloads” folder on my computer, chances are you’d find a sprinkling of resumes from over the years — all slightly different, all in need of some assistance.

The reason for such resume chaos? When it comes to putting my professional background down on paper, I have a lot of questions. Template or no template? Word document or PDF? Should I put my entire address at the top? What about an objective or summary statement? promises guidance, tricks and tips to help you get hired — fast. But how does it work? I decided to test it out for myself — and here’s what I found out.

It’s super user-friendly

It struck me immediately how simple is to navigate. There’s a library of templates to choose from. So if you want a “creative” resume, it’s got you covered. Do you want something that looks “modern?” Done. Something in between? The site can do that, too.

Once you choose your template, start by inputting all the usual data: contact information, education, employment history and so on. But what’s helpful about is that it guides you through each category, offering suggestions for making your language pop. Depending on the job or field you’re applying for, the site recommends various relevant topics and sentences to include.

You’ll then have the choice to either add their pre-written suggestions or use them as inspiration to write something in your own voice. I’ve been giving the same spiel since I entered the workforce in 2011, but the pre-written suggestions inspired me to get a bit more creative and high level in my delivery. “Knowledgeable about selecting features that are topical, interesting and reader-friendly” has a bit of a ring to it, no?

You get graded

It’s understandable if the thought of receiving an actual grade on something gives you flashbacks to first-period social studies. But the grading system is extremely useful! Once you fill out your template, you receive a “score” that you can improve on. The more information you include — things like a LinkedIn link or additional skills — the higher your score will be. It’s, dare I say, fun?

Sharing is simple

On’s free version, you can export your information as a TXT file to upload your now-super-solid resume into a design template or document of your choice. If you opt for one of the service’s paid versions (there’s a seven-day trial that costs $2.95, then $24.95 monthly after the week is up), you can also save your information as a PDF and create an unlimited amount of resumes (you can find more information on pricing here).

It doesn’t stop at resumes!

Once your resume is tip-top, you’ll probably want to start sending it out — and also helps with that. It’s not just a job-search engine (though it’s one of those, too); it offers  full-service interview prep. Depending on the field you’re going into, or even the specific company, offers practice interviews that ask real questions and then feedback on your responses.

Once you’ve applied, still isn’t done with you. There’s a job-tracking feature that helps you keep track of every position you’ve applied for and updates the status of your application. The free website even offers a Google Chrome extension, which makes it easy to save jobs you find using its job search engine or elsewhere online. is the kind of website that actually makes the job-application process feel easy and not as daunting as you’re probably used to. While it won’t actually apply to and get jobs for you, it makes the process a lot more seamless — and more enjoyable.

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