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TikToker sparks generational debate with video comparing a ‘Gen Z table’ to a ‘boomer table’: ‘It’s a respect thing’

Should you clean your own table at a restaurant? That question is sparking a generational debate on TikTok, thanks to one customer’s viral video.

The clip, posted by user @sallymander_, claims to show the difference between a “Gen Z table” and a “boomer table.”

“Younger generation vs. older generation,” the TikToker captioned her clip.

In the video, @sallymander_ first shows a booth where the “younger generation” allegedly ate. The table is mostly cleaned off, with the plates and silverware stacked at the end for the waitstaff. She followed up in the video’s comments to explain that this was the table where she and her friends ate.

Next, @sallymander_ shows the “older” table, where plates and cups are still left in their original places.

The video is reminiscent of another viral TikTok from 2020. In that clip, a waitress compared how two tables — one with younger customers and the other with older diners — left their tables after eating.

”'They get paid to do that’ vs. ‘We know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out,'” the waitress captioned her TikTok.

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Just like that video, @sallymander_ sparked a wide-spanning conversation in the comments section. Some users were surprised the younger diners left a cleaner table.

“If the clean table isn’t the older generation, I don’t know anything anymore,” one user wrote. “I’m 38 and I always do this.”

Other users argued that age has nothing to do with it.

“Stop blaming the generations and blame the way someone was raised,” one user wrote.

“It’s a respect thing,” another agreed.

Some commenters questioned whether or not stacking the plates was even helpful.

“I’ve had waiters tell me not to do this,” one user claimed.

“As a server, I genuinely don’t care [if you do this],” another added.

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