Restaurant bans mom for making too many complaints about her meals

A mother has been banned from a restaurant in Wales for making too many complaints about her meals.

Kelly Smith regularly visited the Beefeater restaurant in Coldra, located in southeast Wales, with her 8-year-old son until she was banned via a letter.

The 36-year-old said the food service was excellent, her son loved the garlic bread, and she enjoyed the restaurant’s specials.

But Smith admitted she’s made a “handful” of complaints over the past two months.

She said her complaints included her steak not being cooked as well as she liked, that her son’s burger on one occasion was “too tough for him to enjoy,” and on another visit she had to wait more than an hour for her meal, the South Wales Argus reported.

The Beefeater restaurant in Coldra, southeast Wales. (Photo: Via Google Maps.)
The Beefeater restaurant in Coldra, southeast Wales. (Photo: Via Google Maps.)

Smith added that she continued to go to Beefeater because “the staff are so welcoming.”

However, it seems that relationship has soured after Smith claims she received a letter from the restaurant’s management telling her she was no longer welcome.

In a letter said to be written by the restaurant’s owners, Whitbread, the chain reportedly apologized for not being able to meet Smith’s “requirements in terms of the food quality and level of service provided.”

Whitbread allegedly requested she “kindly refrain” from visiting the restaurant.

Smith said she rang Whitbread’s customer relations department and was told they had been taking note of her complaints by retaining her receipts.

A Beefeater spokesperson claimed Smith complained six out of the past seven visits about a meal to “receive a refund” and again added that the restaurant was unable to meet her food requirements.

The mom said she’s never asked for a refund but was offered one “or another meal” every time she’s made a complaint. She said she’s also angry the restaurant kept “tabs” on her and argued that it’s her right to complain.

“Keeping tabs on me is outrageous,” she said. “I don’t understand why no one spoke to me, rather than just banning me from the restaurant.”

From Yahoo7News Australia. 

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