Rescuer's Commitment to Saving Blind Horse Dumped at Auction Has People in Tears

It always breaks our hearts when we hear about people giving up on animals. Maybe they didn't have the patience while their animal adjusted to their new home. Other times we hear about people giving up on animals who need extra attention. Whatever the case might be, it doesn't make it right.

The latter, unfortunately, happened to a sweet blind horse.  This poor baby was dumped at an auction. But thankfully, TikTok user @sweetmercierescueranch, a horse and dog rescue center based in Texas, was able to raise the funds to step in and help. The recent video about this horse they saved is moving us to tears. Take a look!

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Ugh, our hearts are absolutely breaking for this sweet, sweet horse. We don't understand how anyone could dump him at the auction. He deserves the world and thankfully, this rescue is giving him that.

"This is devastating how dare they do that. Thank you so much for loving this baby," said @pinkqueen700. Right? You can just tell from this short clip that he has so much love to give. We wish his previous owners could've seen that too before putting him up for auction. @rebeccaloweryc added, "Thank you for having a loving heart and caring soul to take care of them. He’s so cute." Thank you will never be enough, but it's a start so thank you times a million! We know he's in the best care now.

Another TikToker, @wasapeach472, asked, "Who's cutting onions? Wow. It literally dents my heart. You restored my faith." SAME! Our tears are all happy now that we know he's with this rescue. We can't wait to see the update when he's finally home!

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