Rescued Senior Street Cat's Reaction to Feeling a Bed for the First Time Is Beautiful

If we had it our way, every animal in the world would be living the good life. Every creature would have plenty to eat and drink, and there would be no shortage of loving homes for pets and animal companions. Rescue organizations big and small share the same vision, which is why we love to see how they change fur babies' lives.

Maria Torres, AKA the 'Furry Godmother' runs a Florida-based nonprofit rescuing street and shelter animals. She recently shared the sweetest video on her TikTok account, @lovenlight0013, of senior rescue cat Cruz enjoying the soft luxury of a bed for the very first time, and 'cute' is an understatement. Moments like these are why she does the things she does!

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Just look at that sweet orange kitty! He is in love with the bed and blankets, and we don't blame him one bit. Now he'll understand why people have such a hard time getting up in the morning!

"Cruz doesn’t look old in this video," @al001936. "But sure looks like he thinks he just won the lotto & I guess he did!" Aww--that's so true! A cat's age couldn't matter in the slightest for this happy guy. Even his feline sibling seems surprised by his energy, and we love to see it.

It's been said that orange cats are the most social and extroverted cats, so we have zero doubt that he'll fit in perfectly with his Furry Godmother and all of his new siblings. After this experience--though--he might be more interested in napping on the bed than with getting to know his family!

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