Rescued Porcupine in Pennsylvania Has Everyone Falling in Love

Great, now we want a baby porcupine!

TikTok account holder @TheRedCreekWildlifeCenter who rehabilitates and saves wild animals in Pennsylvania recently uploaded a video that will absolutely make your day! A person was doing doughnuts in the road and came across a little porcupine with a head injury and brought them to the rescue center for treatment. We never knew how badly we wanted to cuddle a baby porcupine, but here we are. 

Just check out the following to see what we mean! The little chirps and squeaks are too much! 

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The video description explains, "Did you know that the North American Porcupine will chatter its teeth when threatened? This spunky juvenile is demonstrating this behavior perfectly! Not to worry, little fella, you’ll be on your way soon enough!" This baby is just too adorably cranky. TikTok users are loving him with @Whtriveranimalrescue commenting, "Omg now I need a baby porcupine!" @Clipperdown says, "That is one adorable critter." Agreed! @Rightshu hilariously volunteers, with "If you ever need someone to comfort upset porcupines, I think I would be very good at that." LOL! We would like to volunteer as well!

We just love good samaritans who go out of their way to help animals, and we are so happy this little guy is on his way to a full recovery. 

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