Rescued African Grey Parrot's First Moment Outside Is a Sight to Behold

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This has people absolutely sobbing!

Seeing pet owner's treat their animals right is the absolute best. That's how you know there's so much love between the two. Just look at a rescue parrot on TikTok named Gizmo, who had never even been outside before. Gasp! Recently, his owner wanted to remedy the situation and now video of Gizmo taking a little trip to the yard has people cheering online.

The African Grey Parrot is always talking, whether that be singing a little song for his owner or giving his mama some major sass. But on this day, his owner @emilysflock wanted to give Gizmo a little treat. "Gizmo has never been outside!" the video's text overlay states. "It took me 20 weeks to build up the confidence!" it continues. Just look at Gizmo taking it all in!

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Gizmo absolutely loved it! "Thank you all for supporting his journey," the text overlay reads.

So many people in the comments section were happy for Gizmo. "He knows you're there so he feels safe," @lucrium wrote. "Oh my Gizmo, this made me cry, big steps precious boy. Love you Gizmo," @cosmothefunnyparrot added. "This made me cry. Congrats on this huge milestone," @lmonty1013 praised. "I'm bawling. your page has made me start preparing to rescue. I've purchased cage and am educating myself. You're Gizmo's hero," @dawn547 gushed. 

Some people worried that Gizmo might fly away while outside, but his owner later assured everyone that he was totally okay. "I’d never put him at risk! He can’t even fly off his perch! I was more worried him falling off me!" she wrote. "He was caged for 16 years so can’t physically fly at all," she added.

Knowing that Gizmo got this moment of joy warms our hearts. Go, Gizmo, go!