Rescue Saves 17-Year-Old Shelter Dog and the Story Warms Our Hearts

This dog didn't stand a chance without them.

There are many dogs in search of homes, leading to overcrowded shelters. Because of this, most older dogs aren't given much time to find a home before being scheduled for euthanasia to make room for younger dogs with a higher chance of adoption. One man came across a dog who was in this situation, and the outcome is beautiful.

TikTok user @zachskow recently shared a video of a senior Pit Bull named Brody. In the video, they explain that Brody was left at a shelter at 17 years old and was given a week to be adopted before he was set to be euthanized. Luckily, this pup was rescued from the kill-shelter and is being given the love and care he needs by a dog rescue. Check out the video below to see this beautiful and lively dog, and help him find a home!

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Oh my goodness, Brody is adorable! We can't believe anyone would leave such an elderly and precious dog at the shelter. We hope Brody finds a lovely person to spend the rest of his life with!

People in the comments agree that this pup shouldn't have been taken to the shelter in the first place. @audriez2 said, "Who leaves a dog in a shelter that old? Did those people realize how lucky they really were? I’d give my left arm to add years on my dogs' lives!" Another user, @fockisdishiepeach, commented, "So sad. Why would anyone do that? He just wants love." Brody deserves to be spoiled by his new family!

Others thanked this user for rescuing Brody. @maryjackson3546 commented, "Thank you for saving this beautiful senior," and @dewills64 said, "So wonderful how you are helping him in his senior years… God bless you!" We are so thankful for people like this man who rescues dogs in need!

We hope Brody finds his new family soon. There's no way to know how long this pup has left, but he should pass comfortably in a home with people who love him!

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