Rescue Pit Bull's Big Catch Would Even Have Pro Fishermen Impressed

The word “pit” in the name of the dog breed commonly known as pit bull indicates their unfortunate use in dogfighting arenas. But although these illegal activities still do occur, it is important to remember that these are not natural activities for these intelligent and powerful dogs. In fact, pit bulls excel at a variety of working dog activities, from acting as service and therapy dogs to working as search and rescue, competition agility, and even hunting dogs.

All “terrier” dogs were originally bred to hunt vermin like rats, foxes, and other pests that might exist on farms and ranches, so it’s little wonder that pit bulls, like their terrier cousins, are quick with their reflexes and ability to pounce on prey. This certainly comes in handy for this pit bull, who has learned how to fish!

Believe it or not, pit bulls actually make excellent fishers, and there are many videos online of people showing off their pet’s ability to catch even large fish in their mouths, just by swimming after them and pouncing at the right moment.

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Why Pit Bulls Make Good Fishermen

Though many breeds can be taught to fish, there are several qualities of pit bulls that combine to make them especially good at the activity.

The first is their eagerness and activity levels. Pit bulls are not couch potatoes. They love being active and working, which is why they excel in so many categories as working dogs.

The second is their strength and agility. Pit bulls make exceedingly strong swimmers, and can pursue fish underwater through strong currents. They can also use their terrier hunting instincts to pounce on fish and hold them securely in their powerful jaws.

The third is their intelligence. Pit bulls are known for being a particularly smart dogs that can learn complicated training techniques and problem solve all on their own.

Put it together and you’ve got a dog who is more than capable to undergo the rigorous process of learning how to fish like a bear does.

How to Teach Your Dog to Fish

Teaching Your Dog to Fish is a multi-step process that requires as much training on how to catch fish as it does on how to behave around large bodies of water.

Safety is the most important element when teaching your dog to fish. You don’t want to put your dog in a dangerous situation. Thus the first concern is actually teaching your dog when not to go after fish—such as hunting something caught on a fisherman’s line, in strong currents, when motorboats are moving, and of course when the fish in question might be dangerous to your dog.

Teaching your dog both to stay and to leave it and having them obey instantly is vital to the process. The last thing you want to do is risk your pet’s life over a fish.

Next, make sure your dog is a strong swimmer. Most dog’s are great at paddling, but that doesn’t mean they can dive. Practice in shallow water with retrieving things like diving rings or other underwater toys. Soon, you can graduate to dead fish you toss in the water for your dog to retrieve. And after that, let the hunting instinct take over.

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