Rescue Pig's Excitement Over Hearing Her Name Is Too Sweet

This is just too precious.

Cobbs Exotic Animal Rescue located in Alberta takes in exotic pets after owners decide they no longer want them or can no longer keep them. They work with giving these animals a forever home and caring for ones that need extra help due to neglect or illness. 

The TikTok account for the rescue @Roodady posted an adorable video of one of their rescue pigs learning her name and it's just so cute! 

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TikTok users are here for this adorable baby, with @Jamie posting, "That little slide was adorable!" @MrV adds, "Automatically I fell in love with Peaches!" Us too! She is too cute. @Xzx posts, "Cuteness, but needs help with her brakes." @Ender says, "Well that's an adorable dog you have!"

So many people adopt what they think are pot-bellied pigs without realizing that a lot of times these micro-pigs grow into full sized pigs. We are so happy that Peaches has a forever home no matter how big she gets! 

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