Rescue Dog's Obsession with Tortillas Couldn't Be More Endearing

He becomes unhinged when the tortillas come out.

What's your go-to snack? We tend not to think twice about our own favorite foods, but it never fails to tickle our fancy when a pet has a food obsession. Harvey the rescue dog, for example, can't get enough of tortillas.

As random and hilarious as his craving is, we positively adore him for it. As this video from his TikTok account, @harveytherescue, shows, he'll do nearly anything to get his paws on a pack of tortillas.

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OMG! Harvey must really want those tortillas if he's willing to jump on the counter for them. His mom must've been so shocked the first time he did that!

@Adoptionfirstnc commented, "this man’s serious about his tortillas. Doesn’t mess around." Seriously! His infatuation has blossomed into an all-out obsession, and no one can get in the way. If we're being honest, though--we get it. We feel the same way about carbs!

Dog mom @stasiacotttrell vented, "my dog gets wild for french fries and Cheez Its, so I know this feeling." LOL, so do most pup parents! Every dog has that one special treat that really gets them going. You just have to find out what it is--tortillas or otherwise!

"Oh my word, I thought it was just my dogs that love tortillas,"@kelleyjackson8281 shared. Nope, it's not just your pups! Even another viewer, @mmp19856, admitted, one of my girls pulled a pack off the counter and ate every one. She just loves all carbs." Now that sounds like a pup we'd love to hang out with! One really can't go wrong with carbs- tortillas included.

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