Rescue Dog's Love for His Trusty Security Blankie Is Giving People the Feels

Dogs can experience fear for a variety of reasons, just like humans. Fear is a natural response to perceived threats or danger, and dogs can become fearful due to a range of environmental, genetic, and social factors. Some dogs aren't socialized properly as puppies and may become fearful or anxious.Dogs that have experienced trauma, such as abuse or neglect, may have anxiety issues. Sometimes fear can be due to a medical issue. And just like people, some pups are just more prone to being more anxious than other dogs.

TikTok user @Mykomushroom says their rescue dog Myko is just fearful, and he is never without his precious security blanket. Watch the following clip to see this angel baby with his blankie!

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@Kimmery sweetly comments, "That’s his Super Hero Cape!  It makes him extra brave." @Zena adds, "Some days I wish I could wear a blanket everywhere. Bless you!" @Tamster thinks he reminds them of one of the Charlie Brown gang, and says, "He’s Linus. And he’s perfectly fine!" @Flower adds, "I think it's adorable although I am sorry he's an anxious boy and needs it to feel comfortable." @Jetfuel replies, "I don’t blame him. I can’t go sleep anywhere without my weighted blanket and heating pad. We need what makes us feel safe."

What a sweet pup. We are so happy his kind owner found a way to make him a little less anxious and fearful. Plus, we think his blanket is adorable!

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