Rescue Dog Sweetly Cuddles Up to His Favorite Little Girl in Heartwarming Video

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He sleeps with her every single night.

Have you ever noticed that rescue animals tend to give the most love? Even after being abandoned and left in shelters for who knows how long, they still know how to share kindness. That's especially true when they are adopted and brought into a loving home. They're so thankful. They're huge cuddle bugs. And oftentimes, they're attached to your hip. It's the sweetest thing to see. 

The only thing sweeter than seeing your rescue dog following you around everywhere is seeing them get attached to a little kid. And that's exactly what happened for TikTok user @jessicahill485. In a recent clip, this TikToker captured her daughter napping on the couch. Almost immediately, the rescue dog comes up right next to her because well, he didn't want to leave her side. And the way the two of them cuddle each other will warm your heart!  

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Aww, stop! Our hearts have completely melted from this cuteness. This adopted dog really decided the little girl in the family was his favorite human and so he never leaves her side. Does it get any more adorable than that?!

"That's so sweet when they choose their person and it's a kiddo," said @grumpy19871. Right?! We don't know how that came to be, but we're so glad it did. They're so cute together! @gangman69 added, "She will have a best buddy for years to come. There is nothing like it." Not only a bestie but also a protector for life! We can't wait to see more of this dynamic duo. 

If you needed further proof that this is her human, the creator wrote in the comments, "When I take her to her bed he’s right on me.. like 'Where are u taking my human now' and then goes right to bed with her." AWW! Our hearts. That's true love if we've ever seen it!