A New Report About Harry and Meghan *Deeply* Outraged a Friend of the Queen

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A Friend of the Queen RAGED About Harry & MeghanChris Jackson - Getty Images

Today in the saga that is the royal family feud drama, a friend of the late Queen Elizabeth II is apparently seething with rage about a new tabloid report about the Sussexes. And by "seething," we mean mad enough to hop on a call with a journalist and share three full, continuous paragraphs of angry thoughts about it.

The anger-inducing piece of gossip (since it's not like this is something directly from or formally confirmed by Team Sussex) came from The Sun, which reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially done sharing their royal family grievances and won't be doing any more tell-all books/documentaries/interviews/etc. A Sussex source reportedly told the outlet, "That period of [Harry and Meghan's] life is over as there is nothing left to say."

Reading this item apparently outraged at least one friend of the late Queen, who A) doesn't believe Harry and Meghan will ever stop airing royal grievances and B) thinks that, even if they do, they fumbled the timing of their silence on the subject in a way that wasn't fair (or at least kind) to the Queen during the final months of her life. So, in response, the source unleashed some wrath about the topic to The Daily Beast, saying:

“For the last years of her life, certainly from when her husband died [in April 2021], the queen was in a lot of pain. In the final months, of course, it got very much worse; by the time of the Platinum Jubilee (June 2022), she couldn’t see very much, she couldn’t hear very much, and she was easily confused. She barely moved from her apartments in Windsor Castle. Appearing on the balcony at the jubilee required a titanic effort.

That was the time for Harry and Meghan to bite their tongue. Instead they produced this unending stream of incredibly hurtful films and interviews attacking her life’s work. For Harry to announce he was writing a memoir when his grandmother was not just recently widowed but actually dying herself, as he must have known she was—well, the cruelty of it takes the breath away.

The idea that they are now going to take a vow of silence after all the damage they have done, even if it was true, which I very much doubt, will do nothing to assuage the anger and disgust some of her friends feel about what they did to the queen in her final years."

On that note, let's all just watch this GIF for a few hours because Harry + Gran 5-Ever:

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