Replacing Your Toilet Only Takes 30 Minutes (No Professional Needed)—Here's How

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Fixing up your bathroom is often an overlooked project, although this room is an essential part of our routines. Each fixture in your bathroom works overtime to keep you going strong, from your shower sanctuary to your storage saviors—we're looking at you, under the sink organizer.

Thinking about slowing down to fix your crusty bathtub or scuffed-up toilet seat feels impossible. But have no fear—it’s important to think smarter when it comes to fixing a bathroom rather than harder.

After recently connecting with HGTV legend, Scott McGillivray, he shared a simple bathroom upgrade that takes almost no time at all—replacing the toilet, which he noted was an "easy way to make your bathroom shine."

This nearly knocked our socks off. We had to believe him, with his storied contracting and renovation career of over 20 years. But, we never thought replacing a toilet could be simplistic—let alone achievable—without calling in a professional or two.

According to McGillivray, it’s as easy as a few steps and one lunch break's worth of time. He walked us through how to remove a toilet and replace it with a shiny new model in under a half hour—no plumber needed.

How to Replace Your Toilet (No Pro Needed)

<p>The Spruce / Kevin Norris</p>

The Spruce / Kevin Norris

McGillivray noted that even great, state-of-the-art toilets can be purchased for under $200, and from there, it’s as simple as a few steps. He lays them out for us below.

  1. First, turn off the water supply to the toilet. Ensure the toilet is drained of water before you remove it.

  2. Undo the two top nuts on the base of the toilet. This can be done with an adjustable wrench, which you should definitely have in your toolkit.

  3. With some help or flying solo, lift up the toilet and set it aside. Now, you can inspect what was happening underneath.

  4. Add a new wax ring, which McGillivray notes is often under $10 at your local hardware store.

  5. Pop your new toilet on top. Bolt it down, and hook it back up to the water line.

“Pretty simple, right?” he says. “I wouldn't say that if I didn’t think you could do it. Luckily, you don't renovate a toilet—simply replace it if it’s time to go.”

If you’ve been trying for ages to clean your toilet to no avail, consider replacing it if you’re able and interested. Turns out, the task is simpler to complete than we thought!

How Bathroom Upgrades Add Value to Your Home

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Though McGillivray suggests assessing all three major bathroom fixtures to see which needs some love (shower, vanity, and toilet), he shared with us that upgrading your toilet is one of the simplest projects to start with.

After giving your porcelain throne a new lease on life, check out if your tub could use some refinishing, if any tiling could use regrouting, or if there are additional upgrades to be made to bathroom hardware. A rusty towel rack or outdated vanity knob is easy to replace.

McGillivray notes that he always tries to ensure your home brings financial benefits, whether it be selling it down the road or keeping it as an investment property. He suggests staying savvy and knowing some of the “hacks” or best decisions to get you the best return—one of these comes in the form of toilet replacement.

"If a buyer enters your home and sees an old, stained toilet, it could turn them away," he explains. Or, if you’re simply sick of trying to clean a toilet that never seems to come clean, it is the right time to replace it.

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