Renters Painted Every Inch of This Chicago Apartment – Even the Floors

Toys scattered on patterned rug in grey hued living room.
Large abstract paintings above grey sofa in light filled living room.
Books stacked in living room.
Potted plant in corner of light filled apartment.
Wooden accent chairs in apartment living room.
Air plants hung in light fixture over dining room table.
Plant filled ceiling light hung over dining room table.
Ornate framed mirror in dining room with black dining table.
Light fixture hung above dining room table.
Home bar on wooden credenza.
Air plants hung in dining room light fixture.
Embroidered pillow hung on wall above stool in light filled apartment.
Rust painted kitchen with wooden cabinets.
Rust painted wall in kitchen with wooden cabinets.
Art print mounted on wall behind kitchen island.
Child's wooden play kitchen in corner of home kitchen.
Red pendant hung above bedroom nightstand.
Matching pendants hung above nightstands in bedroom.
Floral arrangement and room spray displayed on surface near apartment entrance.
Colorful striped bedding made on bed in kid's room.
Light sconce hung on wall in kids room.
Abstract art prints on bedroom wall.
Blue and white striped shower curtain in white tiled bathroom.

When Bridgette Haulenbeek first saw her 1,000-square-foot apartment, nestled in a building built in the 1900s with tall ceilings and big bright windows, she was immediately sold on its potential as a beautiful blank canvas.

Embroidered pillow hung on wall above stool in light filled apartment.

An interior designer who loves to live and work in “Freshly Edited Color Stories,” the home she shares with her husband, furniture and sculpture artist, Steven Haulenbeek, and their son, Franklin, showcases the eclectic style that her design company Bridgette Haulenbeek Interiors Inc. executes so beautifully.

Framed art next to fiddlehead fig in sunny home.

Nods to traditional silhouettes as well as modern materiality, avant garde whimsy, bold contemporary, and a little punk rock, the home reflects a couple living and growing in an ever-evolving eclectic city rooted in tradition. The front room, the family’s favorite, provides a view of the city they love.

Kids toys spilled on patterned grey rug on living room floor.

“We always find ourselves looking out the front windows. We can see the Sears Tower (Willis) along with the massive West Town American flag and Chicago flag and feel so much a part of the energy of the city.”

Yellow ranunculus on dining room table.

While renting provides its own set of design challenges, Bridgette and Steven have still been able to transform their space in a way that brings them joy. “I love our home and this is the chapter of life we are in and I love what we’ve been able to do with our space. We also have great landlords that have been flexible with us painting.”

Rust curtain hung in rust painted kitchen.

After a trip to Deco Off in Paris in 2019, Bridgette returned home with the idea to paint their kitchen walls a terracotta orange, inspired by the smokestacks in the Parisian neighborhoods she toured.

Potted plant in corner of light filled apartment.

“One of my most favorite things about our home is that everything has a story, and we enjoy hosting in our home and sharing where items came from or who made them,” she muses while pointing out all of the different pieces in their home — her husband’s art, for one.

Red pendant hung above bedroom night stand.

Whether it’s the resin-bonded side table in the living room, the table lamp and floor lamp in the dining room, or the bedside pendants in the primary bedroom, all of his pieces demonstrate “how easy it can be to live with functional art and objects you love.” Bridgette’s motto rings true throughout their beautifully curated vintage apartment. “Pull color from art, fill your home with stories, and buy what you love.”


Room spray and floral arrangement on wooden shelf near apartment entrance.


  • Behr — Polar Bear

Toys scattered on patterned rug in grey hued living room.


Light fixture above dining room table.


Wooden cabinets in rust painted kitchen.


Matching pendants hung above nightstands in bedroom.


Colorful striped bedding made on bed in kid's room.


  • Rug — IKEA

  • Original Prints — Elliot Bergman

  • Vintage Hudson Blanket — Find new here.

  • Floor Lamp — Steven Haulenbeek

Abstract bathroom mat.


  • Shower Curtain – Matouk

  • “Cool Breeze” Tub Mat — Cold Picnic

  • Plumbing Fixtures and Mirror — Kohler

Thanks Bridgette and Steven!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.

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