The Remake of Fatal Attraction Is Now Streaming on Paramount+

lizzy caplan as alex forest and joshua jackson as dan gallagher in fatal attraction episode 3, season 1 streaming on paramount, 2023 photo credit monty brintonparamount
Fatal Attraction TV Show Episode GuideMonty Brinton

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The remake of Fatal Attraction is here! Starring Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson, the show will reimagine the 1987 film of the same name.

"I feel like the narrative of the film—which is like, 'Nice guy, horrible woman, must die'—I think it’s really promising how far we’ve come as a culture where now audiences want to know, 'Well, wait a minute, let’s talk more about her, her possible mental illnesses, her upbringing,'" Caplan told the Hollywood Reporter. "And let’s maybe have him suffer some repercussions in his own personal life. It’s one of the few examples of something that made sense to me to go back."

joshua jackson as dan gallagher and lizzy caplan as alex forrest in fatal attraction season 1 photo credit zoey grossmanparamount
Zoey Grossman/Paramount

The first three episodes drop today, and the rest will release weekly on Sundays. The seventh and eighth episodes will both come out on Sunday, May 28. Paramount+ typically releases new episodes at 12 a.m. pacific, or 3 a.m. eastern time.

  • Episode 1, "Pilot": Sunday, April 30 Shop Now

  • Episode 2, "The Movie In Your Mind": Sunday, April 30 Shop Now

  • Episode 3, "The Watchful Heart": Sunday, April 30 Shop Now

  • Episode 4, "Beautiful Mosaics": Sunday, May 7

  • Episode 5, "Medial Woman": Sunday, May 14

  • Episode 6, "The Dillingers": Sunday, May 21

  • Episode 7: Sunday, May 28

  • Episode 8 (season finale): Sunday, May 28

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If you want to watch the original Fatal Attraction film starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, that is also streaming on Paramount+. No word on whether Close and Douglas will be watching the adaptation.

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