Relocated Black Bear’s 1000-Mile Travels Have Experts Scratching Their Heads

She was relocated from--and then found again in--a famous National Park.

She may only be known as '609', but this female black bear is turning heads across the nation for her bizarre behavior. Even wildlife biologists are baffled! The bear was first captured and collared after several close encounters with people in Great Smokey Mountains National Park, but it's everything that happened afterward that has people scratching their heads.

After she was relocated away from the Park she called home, according to WBIR, "she traveled 1,000 miles across Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina before returning to Tennessee." This girl can get around!

Isn't that so fascinating? Even though most relocated bears passed away within several months of relocation, we're glad to know that some bears are more than capable of traveling on their own. This ursine gal, though, takes 'road trip' to the next level.

YouTube commenter @patrickkeenehan6099 dubbed this bear's journey "The plight of the Smokey Black Bear," and honestly--we love it! Even though the Great Smokey Mountains National Park's study is still in progress, we have no doubt that Bear 609 will stand out in the final results. A 1000-mile trip is no joke!

According to WBIR, the wildlife biologists who have been tracking these bears don't want to have to relocate them. Bill Stiver, one of those scientists, explained, "when bear's behavior escalates to a certain level, there are not many options left, either move them or euthanize them and for years we have moved them." One thing that the public can do to help avoid these relocations is to be--as they put it-- "BearWise."

  1. Stay alert and stay together

  2. Leave no trash or food scraps

  3. Keep dogs leashed

  4. Camp safely, away from dense cover and natural food sources

  5. Do not approach bears if you see one

  6. Carry bear spray and learn how to use it

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