Relaxed And Ripping: Pedro Barros Is Constantly Making The Tough Stuff Look Fun

Both of these tricks look fun, but are no doubt definitely harder than they look. Regardless, Pedro Barros posted them with a little reminder to, "Just relax and have fun with it ❤️" Therefore, I will.

Really though, the one-footer...that's pretty buck!

Christian Hosoi is in the comments saying, "STYLE IS STYLE 🔥" and he isn't lying. And on the subject of legendary OGs, even Tony Alva is in there dropping some very deserving heart eyes. John Cardiel himself could set the world on fire with all the flame emojis he dropped in there. And that's just scratching the surface.

Good company, without a doubt.

Pedro proves time and time again that whether he's blasting high into the sky or taking his grinds and slides the distance, even when he's hitting us with fun and relaxed moves like this, we happily watch in awe.

I have to agree that ATCQ's "Electric Relaxation" is the perfect track for this clip too, and brings Pedro's message full circle. Put in the work that Pedro puts in and the fun will follow.

After all...that's what it's all about.

Video / @pedrobarrossk8

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