REI's Tiny Pet Tent Is All We Want for Christmas

This is the cutest item ever!

Christmas wish lists are growing as the holiday is quickly approaching. And with this recent TikTok clip from @rei, the outdoor shop and retail store, we know what we'll be adding to our list. 

So technically the item is supposed to be for tiny pets, but we think it will benefit us too because it will put the biggest smile on our faces. REI came out with tiny tents for your adventure animals. You'll be obsessed once you see this!

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O.M.G. Did everyone else know about these tiny tents and we're just very late to the party!? Oh well, at least we know now! And you best believe we're buying this for ourselves this Christmas season. Oops, we mean for our pets. LOL! 

"Goose just added this to his Christmas list," wrote @iamgooseontheloose. Safe to say every pet added this to their Christmas list! And we're definitely adding it to our list even though it's not even for us. LOL! We just want what's best for our fur babies! "I expected these to be super expensive but was pleasantly surprised to see they're only $25! I will be back on payday," said @_erica_rose_. Only $25!? Sounds like we'll be buying a few and then other tiny pets in the future. Ha! 

@jace_rider asked, "Would my rabbit even go inside it is the question?" Guess you have to test it out. And if not, we'll gladly test it out for you! Also, we love that this TikToker was thinking the tent could be for a rabbit. It's not just for kittens! All pets are welcomed to use the tiny tent. So cute!

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