These Reese’s And Hershey Kisses Mug Cakes Are The Best Stocking Stuffer

Alexis Morillo
·1 min read
Photo credit: Instagram/snackgator
Photo credit: Instagram/snackgator

From Delish

Cake is one of those foods that is good in all of its forms. Whether you're making a multi-tiered creation from scratch or making a simple mug cake in the microwave, it will always come out delicious. When you need something sweet STAT the latter is the way to go, and Hershey's has complete mug cake kits that you can buy at the store right now.

In flavors like Reese's and Kisses, the Hershey's mug cakes come all wrapped up with a bow. Included in every packaging is the cake mix and instructions as well as a festive much with either the Reese's or Kisses logo on it. This way, once you enjoy your treat, you have a souvenir mug to add to your collection.

@SnackGator found the mug cakes at their local Walgreens where the store is selling other seasonal Hershey's items too. Last year, Hershey's skillet cookie kits that came with either brownie or cookie mix and chocolate chips were being sold for the holiday season and thankfully they're back again this year.

The packaging of these items includes festive mistletoes and snowflakes which is an indication that they are a seasonal item. They're on shelves now and will likely stay available through the holiday season so you can purchase these as a grab bag gift or stocking stuffer. You can never go wrong with giving out sweets for the holidays, and when it comes to that we know Hershey's does it best.

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