Reese’s Announced A Brand New Candy Made Entirely Of Peanut Butter

From Delish

Everybody loves Reese's cups because they're the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. But they're called peanut butter cups for a reason...because peanut butter is the star of the show. Well, if you're craving even more peanut butter flavor, Reese's has a new candy that is VERY up your alley.

Reese's announced today that it's releasing a new candy called the Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers Cups. And when Reese's says Peanut Butter Lovers it MEANS IT. Instead of a chocolatey outside cup like on its classic candy, this new treat makes the cup made of peanut butter. And that peanut butter filling? Yeah, it's STILL THERE. The result is a peanut butter cup and peanut butter filling that will have you reaching for a glass of milk ASAP. As Reese's pointed out, only the truest peanut butter fans will know how to handle it. Sounds like a challenge to me!!!!

Photo credit: Reese's
Photo credit: Reese's

Luckily, this new sweet treat is available in various sizes, so you can pick up a pack of classic size cups for a bit of a challenge or even mini cups so you can get a taste before you go in for the whole thing. Plus, you'll wanna share the love right?? OK, you don't have to share! No one is making you, gosh.

You can catch these new cups when they roll out nationwide at retailers next month for a limited time and it's safe to say we'll definitely be keeping our eyes out for them. How good would they be with a bit of chocolate too? Oh, I guess that kind of defeats the purpose...nevermind.

However, if you are looking for maybe a bit less peanut butter, Reese's has totally got you! The brand is also bringing back Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers cups, which it released in limited runs in 2019 and 2020. These feature an extra layer of peanut butter on the cup but, yes, still have chocolate. So there you go!

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