Ree's Home Fragrance Collection Will Make Your House Smell *Heavenly*

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There's just something so special about coming home and getting cozy as your favorite sweet scents fill the room. Maybe that's where the phrase "home sweet home" comes from. Okay, it's definitely not, but we might just use it as an excuse to grow our collection of all the best home fragrances. And as if she read our minds, Ree Drummond herself has a home fragrance collection at Walmart so we can do just that!

While you might think to use scented candles to enhance the ambience of your house, sometimes an open flame just isn't the best option. Here's why: Lit candles can be dangerous when left unattended—especially if you've got kiddos and fur babies running around. They might leave soot or other residue on your walls, and they might actually be banned if you live in a rental property. Not to mention, buying candle after candle is hardly cheap. That's where The Pioneer Woman's fragrance warmers come in handy. Ree's line includes safer, easier, and more cost-effective options like wax warmers and oil diffusers. Better yet, they're super cute, too! 😍

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The Pioneer Woman Pig Full Size Ceramic Fragrance Warmer



Just look at that precious pig wax warmer! We want it sitting on our counters immediately! Along with that ceramic critter, her spring line also includes a Folky Bird Full Ceramic Fragrance Warmer which is more classically shaped with an opaque body and whimsical floral design. Both of the fragrance warmers use an electric light to effectively melt the wax and fill your home with the lovely scent of your choice—all without the risk of damage from fire and smoke. All you have to do is place wax melts in the dish (located at the top or bottom depending on the style you buy), flip the switch, and enjoy the gentle fragrance that will carry through the room for hours. Not only is it a cleaner way to get your beloved smells, but the wax melts at a slower rate than most candles burn, so you're saving money, as well! Both styles will also emit a soft glow when turned on that only adds to the atmosphere.

And did we mention that Ree's collection includes matching wax melts in darling rose shapes? Choose fresh-from-the-bakery scents like Cinnamon Rolls with notes of cinnamon, butter, maple, and vanilla or go for a bold brew of smells with the Spicy Cowgirl Coffee option that has hints of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and chili pepper. The wax melts all come with ten pieces in the most darling reusable tins.

<p><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Shop Now;elm:context_link;itc:0" class="link ">Shop Now</a></p><p>The Pioneer Woman Tulip Scent Charm Fragrance Oil Diffuser</p><p>$9.88</p><span class="copyright">Walmart</span>

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The Pioneer Woman Tulip Scent Charm Fragrance Oil Diffuser



Along with the wax warmers, you can also find plug-in oil diffuser scent charms in Ree's collection. They'll offer a more subtle touch of fabulous farmhouse-flair to your walls with shapes like a sweet brown cow, fun cowboy boots with flowers, and beautifully blooming tulips—but with the same long-lasting fragrant abilities! You'll just pick your favorite oil smell and attach it to the scent charm then plug it into any standard wall outlet. You can even pick up several plug-ins and try different scents in each for a completely custom aroma! Better yet: They double as decorative nightlights thanks to the soft light they give off while diffusing.

So, go ahead and grab a few of these fragrance warmers to place around your home. You can browse all of her new spring collection below. Trust us, they are so worth the sniff!

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