Reebok Takes a Shot at Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance’ on TikTok

Peter Verry

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Dream Team leader Michael Jordan expressed disdain with having to wear a Reebok uniform on the podium at the 1992 Olympics to accept the gold medal. To hide the branding of the Nike rival, “The Last Dance” docuseries revealed that he draped an American flag over his shoulder.

Reebok responded in a lighthearted manner today by posting a video to its TikTok account. The video showed a sketch of Jordan with the flag shifting from one shoulder to the other, revealing the Reebok logo. The caption reads, “We would have preferred the flag on the other shoulder.”

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We would have preferred the flag on the other shoulder. 🙃 Artist:@jas0nsilva #sporttheunexpected #Reebok #jumpman

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For the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Reebok outfitted the U.S. teams. During episode five of “The Last Dance,” footage showed Jordan was clearly not happy about that. It also explained that he couldn’t accept the gold medal if the uniform wasn’t worn. “Michael decided that he didn’t want to display the Reebok logo that was on his uniform,” then NBA commissioner David Stern said during “The Last Dance.”

Jordan’s response was to hide it, and said in the archival footage, “They said they are going to try to hide the Reebok on it. But they can’t hide it like I’m going to hide it. They in for a big f**king surprise.”

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