Redditor tells men to ‘stop approaching’ women when they’re exercising: 'Please leave them alone'

A Reddit user wrote a post telling men to stop approaching women when they’re exercising — and she can’t believe she needs to say that at all.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Dating Advice” forum to explain why she is so frustrated by men approaching her while she exercises. She argued that wearing a sports bra is not an excuse to flirt with a woman.

Woman running outdoors
Woman running outdoors

The woman, 21, began her post by addressing men: “Please stop approaching women when we are exercising.”

“Sports bras and yoga pants are not us ‘looking for male attention,’” she wrote. “It is merely what we are comfortable in.”

She went on to share a recent disturbing experience that occurred while she was going for a run in a local park.

“I got approached 3 times while running,” she wrote. “The first guy told me my shoelaces were untied. I took out my earbuds to tie them and realized, ‘Wait, I don’t even have laces.’”

Once she took her earbuds out, she said the man used the moment as an excuse to hit on her.

“I politely told him I wasn’t interested and he told me I was not even that cute,” the woman recalled.

The next time, two men approached her simultaneously.

“I thought they were going to tell me there was a road closure or something serious,” she explained. “But they both [tried] to talk to me.”

Becoming increasingly frustrated with the interruptions, the woman snapped at the two men. She told them she was training for a marathon and that they should leave her alone.

“They said some nonsense like I am wearing revealing clothes and [shouldn’t] expect not to get approached,” she shared.

The woman concluded by explaining that she wasn’t even wearing particularly revealing clothes. She was simply running in normal workout clothes.

“I was wearing my gym shark set: A sports bra (covered with a jacket) and my yoga pants,” she wrote.

“These interactions ruined my evening and my run,” she concluded. “[If] you see someone is busy and focused, please leave them alone!”

Redditors shared their own frustrations

Readers expressed sympathy for the woman and shared their own frustrating experiences.

“Start barking at them and growling. They usually go away,” one reader commented.

“Just leave the gal alone if she isn’t signaling,” another reader advised.

“I was followed out of a grocery store and asked out. Being in public is not an excuse and it’s sure not an invitation,” another Redditor wrote. “She was running, obviously not interested, and three separate men tried to talk to her. And you wonder why we don’t want you?”

The woman wants to spread the word that approaching women — and perhaps anyone, for that matter — when they’re exercising is not appropriate.

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